Doctor Who New Adventures Novels (1991-97)

Doctor Who – Timewyrm: Genesys
Doctor Who – Timewyrm: Exodus
Doctor Who – Timewyrm: Apocalypse
Doctor Who – Timewyrm: Revelation
Doctor Who – Cat’s Cradle: Time’s Crucible
Doctor Who – Cat’s Cradle: Witch Mark
Doctor Who – Cat’s Cradle: Warhead
Doctor Who – Nightshade
Doctor Who – Love And War
Doctor Who – Transit
Doctor Who – The Highest Science
Doctor Who – The Pit
Doctor Who – Deceit
Doctor Who – Lucifer Rising
Doctor Who – White Darkness
Doctor Who – Shadowmind
Doctor Who – Birthright
Doctor Who – Iceberg
Doctor Who – Blood Heat
Doctor Who – The Dimension Riders
Doctor Who – The Left-Handed Hummingbird
Doctor Who – Conundrum
Doctor Who – No Future
Doctor Who – Tragedy Day
Doctor Who – Legacy
Doctor Who – Theatre of War
Doctor Who – All-Consuming Fire
Doctor Who – Blood Harvest
Doctor Who – Strange England
Doctor Who – First Frontier
Doctor Who – St. Anthony’s Fire
Doctor Who – Falls The Shadow
Doctor Who – Parasite
Doctor Who – Warlock
Doctor Who – Set Piece
Doctor Who – Infinite Requiem
Doctor Who – Sanctuary
Doctor Who – Human Nature
Doctor Who – Original Sin
Doctor Who – Sky Pirates!
Doctor Who – Zamper
Doctor Who – Toy Soldiers
Doctor Who – Head Games
Doctor Who – The Also People
Doctor Who – Shakedown
Doctor Who – Just War
Doctor Who – Warchild
Doctor Who – Sleepy
Doctor Who – Death and Diplomacy
Doctor Who – Happy Endings
Doctor Who – Godengine
Doctor Who – Christmas on a Rational Planet
Doctor Who – Return of the Living Dad
Doctor Who – The Death of Art
Doctor Who – Damaged Goods by Russell T. Davies –
Doctor Who – So Vile A Sin
Doctor Who – Bad Therapy
Doctor Who – Eternity Weeps
Doctor Who – The Room With No Doors
Doctor Who – Lungbarrow
Doctor Who – The Dying Days

Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles Audio Dramas

First Doctor era
Companion Chronicles: The Alchemists (Susan) –
Companion Chronicles: The Anachronauts (Steven + Sara) –
Companion Chronicles: The Cold Equations (Steven) –
Companion Chronicles: The Drowned World (Sara Kingdom) –
Companion Chronicles: The First Wave (Steven) –
Companion Chronicles: The Flames Of Cadiz (Susan + Ian) –
Companion Chronicles: Frostfire (Katarina) –
Companion Chronicles: Guardian Of The Solar System (Sara Kingdom) –
Companion Chronicles: Here There Be Monsters (Susan) –
Companion Chronicles: Home Truths (Sara Kingdom) –
Companion Chronicles: The Library Of Alexandria (Ian) –
Companion Chronicles: Mother Russia (Steven / 1st Doctor) –
Companion Chronicles: The Perpetual Bond (Steven) –
Companion Chronicles: Quinnis (Susan) –
Companion Chronicles: Return Of The Rocket Men (Steven) –
Companion Chronicles: The Rocket Men (Ian) –
Companion Chronicles: The Suffering (Steven + Vicki) –
Companion Chronicles: The Time Museum (Ian) –
Companion Chronicles: Transit Of Venus (Ian) –
Companion Chronicles: The Wanderer (Ian) –

Second Doctor era
Companion Chronicles: The Apocalypse Mirror (Jamie + Zoe) –
Companion Chronicles: Echoes Of Grey (Zoe) –
Companion Chronicles: The Emperor Of Eternity (Jamie + Victoria) –
Companion Chronicles: Fear Of The Daleks (Zoe) –
Companion Chronicles: The Glorious Revolution (Jamie) –
Companion Chronicles: The Great Space Elevator (Victoria) –
Companion Chronicles: – Helicon Prime (Jamie / 2nd Doctor) –
Companion Chronicles: House Of Cards (Jamie + Polly) –
Companion Chronicles: The Jigsaw War (Jamie) –
Companion Chronicles: The Memory Cheats (Zoe) –
Companion Chronicles: Resistance (Polly) –
Companion Chronicles: The Selachian Gambit (Jamie + Polly) –
Companion Chronicles: The Uncertainty Principle (Zoe) –

Third Doctor era
Companion Chronicles: Binary (Liz Shaw) –
Companion Chronicles: The Blue Tooth (Liz Shaw) –
Companion Chronicles: Council of War (Sgt. Benton) –
Companion Chronicles: Doll Of Death (Jo) –
Companion Chronicles: Find And Replace (Jo) –
Companion Chronicles: The Last Post (Liz Shaw) –
Companion Chronicles: The Magician’s Oath (Mike Yates) –
Companion Chronicles: The Many Deaths of Jo Grant (Jo) –
Companion Chronicles: Old Soldiers (Brigadier) –
Companion Chronicles: Prisoner Of Peladon (King Peladon) –
Companion Chronicles: The Rings Of Ikiria (Mike Yates) –
Companion Chronicles: The Scorchies (Jo) –
Companion Chronicles: Sentinels Of The New Dawn (Liz Shaw) –
Companion Chronicles: Shadow Of The Past (Liz Shaw) –

Fourth Doctor era
Companion Chronicles: The Beautiful People (Romana II) –
Companion Chronicles: The Catalyst (Leela) –
Companion Chronicles: The Child (Leela) –
Companion Chronicles: Empathy Games (Leela) –
Companion Chronicles: Ferril’s Folly (Romana I) –
Companion Chronicles: The Invasion Of E-Space (Romana II) –
Companion Chronicles: The Pyralis Effect (Romana II) –
Companion Chronicles: The Stealers From Saiph (Romana I) –
Companion Chronicles: The Time Vampire (Leela + K-9) –

Fifth Doctor era
Companion Chronicles: The Darkening Eye (Nyssa) –
Companion Chronicles: Ringpullworld (Turlough) –

Sixth Doctor era
Companion Chronicles: Beyond The Ultimate Adventure
Companion Chronicles: Peri And The Piscon Paradox (Evelyn) –
Companion Chronicles: Quinnis (Susan) –

Seventh Doctor era
Companion Chronicles: Bernice Summerfield and the Criminal Code (Benny) –
Companion Chronicles: The Prisoner’s Dilemma (Ace) –
Companion Chronicles: Project Nirvana

Eighth Doctor era
Companion Chronicles: Solitaire (Charley) –

No Doctor / era unspecified
Companion Chronicles: The Mahogany Murderers (Jago & Litefoot) –
Companion Chronicles: Mastermind (The Master + UNIT) –
Companion Chronicles: Tales From The Vault (Steven + Zoe + Jo + Romana I + UNIT) –

Doctor Who UMD Videos

Doctor Who UMDs (for PSP)
Doctor Who: Rose / The End Of The World / The Unquiet Dead
Doctor Who: Aliens Of London / World War III / Dalek
Doctor Who: The Long Game / Father’s Day / The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances
Doctor Who: Boom Town / Bad Wolf / The Parting Of The Ways
(These are the TV series, not games.)

Doctor Who: 10th & 11th Doctor DVDs

Doctor Who: Season 2 (2006) Box Set
Doctor Who: Season 3 (2007) Box Set
Doctor Who: Season 4 (2008) Box Set
Doctor Who: The 2009 Specials | Blu-Ray:

Doctor Who: The Infinite Quest (animated) –
Doctor Who: Dreamland (animated) –

Doctor Who: Season 5 (2010) Box Set | Blu-Ray:
Doctor Who: Season 6 (2011) Box Set | Blu-Ray:
Doctor Who: Season 7 (2012-13) Box Set – TBA

Doctor Who: Audio Documentaries

Doctor Who At The BBC: Volume 1
Doctor Who At The BBC: Volume 2
The John Nathan-Turner Memoirs
Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf
The Nicholas Courtney Memoirs: A Soldier In Time
Project: Who? (Behind the scenes of the new series) –

U.N.I.T. Audio Dramas

UNIT: Time Heals starring Nicholas Courtney as the Brigadier –
UNIT: Snake Head
UNIT: The Longest Night
UNIT: The Wasting starring Nicholas Courtney as the Brigadier –

Doctor Who: Non-Fiction Books

About Time Volume 1: Seasons 1-3
About Time Volume 2: Seasons 4-6
About Time Volume 3: Seasons 7-11
About Time Volume 4: Seasons 12-17
About Time Volume 5: Seasons 18-21
About Time Volume 6: Seasons 22-26 & The TV Movie
Back To The Vortex
The Brilliant Book of Doctor Who 2011
Dalek Empire: The Scripts
Doctor Who: The Audio Adventures – The Inside Story
Doctor Who: The Handbook (contains all of the Handbook volumes below) –
Doctor Who Handbooks: The First Doctor Handbook
Doctor Who Handbooks: The Second Doctor Handbook
Doctor Who Handbooks: The Third Doctor Handbook
Doctor Who Handbooks: The Fourth Doctor Handbook
Doctor Who Handbooks: The Fifth Doctor Handbook
Doctor Who Handbooks: The Sixth Doctor Handbook
Doctor Who Handbooks: The Seventh Doctor Handbook
Doctor Who: The Inside Story (making of the new series) –
Doctor Who: Monsters and Villains
Doctor Who: Regeneration (making of the Paul McGann movie) –
Doctor Who: The Shooting Scripts – Season One (2005 series) –
Growing Pains by Billie Piper (autobiography) –
Script Doctor: The Inside Story Of Doctor Who 1986-89 by Andrew Cartmel –
The Television Companion (second edition) –

Sarah Jane Smith Audio Dramas

Please note that these are the more adult-oriented Sarah Jane Smith audio plays produced by Big Finish, and may be unsuitable for the target audience of the more youth-oriented TV series and audio plays.

Sarah Jane Smith: Buried SecretsSarah Jane Smith: Test Of Nerve
Sarah Jane Smith: Ghost Town
Sarah Jane Smith: Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre
Sarah Jane Smith: Buried Secrets
Sarah Jane Smith: Snow Blind
Sarah Jane Smith: Fatal Consequences
Sarah Jane Smith: Dreamland

Gallifrey Audio Dramas

Gallifrey: ImperiatrixGallifrey: Weapon Of Choice
Gallifrey: Square One
Gallifrey: The Inquiry
Gallifrey: A Blind Eye
Gallifrey: Lies
Gallifrey: Spirit
Gallifrey: Pandora
Gallifrey: Insurgency
Gallifrey: Imperiatrix
Gallifrey: Fractures
Gallifrey: Warfare
Gallifrey: Appropriation
Gallifrey: Mindbomb
Gallifrey: Panacea

Doctor Who: Unbound Audio Dramas

Doctor Who Unbound: A Storm Of AngelsDoctor Who Unbound: Auld Mortality starring Geoffrey Bayldon –
Doctor Who Unbound: Sympathy For The Devil starring David Warner –
Doctor Who Unbound: Full Fathom Five starring David Collings –
Doctor Who Unbound: He Jests At Scars… starring Michael Jayston –

Doctor Who Unbound: Deadline starring Sir Derek Jacobi –
Doctor Who Unbound: Exile starring Arabella Weir –
Doctor Who Unbound: A Storm Of Angels starring Geoffrey Bayldon –

Doctor Who: 8th Doctor Audio Dramas

(Listed in chronological story order.)

Doctor Who: The Company Of Friends
Doctor Who: The Silver Turk
Doctor Who: The Witch From The Well
Doctor Who: Army Of Death
Doctor Who: Storm Warning
Doctor Who: Sword Of Orion
Doctor Who: Stones Of Venice
Doctor Who: Minuet In Hell
Doctor Who: Invaders From Mars
Doctor Who: Chimes Of Midnight
Doctor Who: Seasons Of Fear
Doctor Who: Embrace The Darkness
Doctor Who: The Time Of The Daleks
Doctor Who: Zagreus
Doctor Who: Scherzo
Doctor Who: Creed Of The Kromon
Doctor Who: The Natural History Of Fear
Doctor Who: The Twilight Kingdom
Doctor Who: Faith Stealer
Doctor Who: The Last
Doctor Who: Caerdroia
Doctor Who: The Next Life
Doctor Who: Terror Firma
Doctor Who: Scaredy Cat
Doctor Who: Time Works
Doctor Who: Something Inside
Doctor Who: Memory Lane
Doctor Who: Absolution
Doctor Who: The Girl Who Never Was
Doctor Who: Shada
Doctor Who: Blood Of The Daleks Part 1
Doctor Who: Blood Of The Daleks Part 2
Doctor Who: The Horror Of Glam Rock
Doctor Who: The Horror Of Glam Rock
Doctor Who: Immortal Beloved
Doctor Who: Phobos
Doctor Who: No More Lies
Doctor Who: Human Resources Part 1
Doctor Who: Human Resources Part 2
Doctor Who: Dead London
Doctor Who: Max Warp
Doctor Who: Brave New Town
Doctor Who: The Skull of Sobek
Doctor Who: Grand Theft Cosmos
Doctor Who: The Zygon Who Fell To Earth
Doctor Who: Sisters Of The Flame
Doctor Who: The Vengeance of Morbius
Doctor Who: Orbis
Doctor Who: Hothouse
Doctor Who: The Beast Of Orlok
Doctor Who: Wirrn Dawn
Doctor Who: The Scapegoat
Doctor Who: The Cannibalists
Doctor Who: The Eight Truths
Doctor Who: Worldwide Web
Doctor Who: Death In Blackpool
Doctor Who: Situation Vacant
Doctor Who: Nevermore
Doctor Who: The Book Of Kells
Doctor Who: Deimos
Doctor Who: The Resurrection Of Mars
Doctor Who: Relative Dimensions
Doctor Who: Prisoner Of The Sun
Doctor Who: Lucie Miller
Doctor Who: To The Death
Doctor Who: Dark Eyes Box Set –
Doctor Who: Dark Eyes Box Set –
Doctor Who: The Light At The End (20th anniversary story with Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy & Paul McGann) –

Doctor Who: 6th Doctor Audio Dramas

(Listed in chronological story order.)

Doctor Who Lost Stories: The Nightmare Fair
Doctor Who Lost Stories: Mission To Magnus
Doctor Who Lost Stories: Leviathan
Doctor Who Lost Stories: The Hollows Of Time
Doctor Who Lost Stories: Paradise 5
Doctor Who Lost Stories: Point Of Entry
Doctor Who Lost Stories: The Song Of Megaptera
Doctor Who Lost Stories: The Macros
Doctor Who Lost Stories: The Guardians Of Prophecy
Doctor Who Lost Stories: Power Play
Doctor Who Lost Stories: The First Sontarans
Doctor Who: Slipback
Doctor Who: …Ish
Doctor Who: The Reaping
Doctor Who: Year Of The Pig
Doctor Who: Recorded Time
Doctor Who: The Wormery
Doctor Who: Voyage To Venus
Doctor Who: Voyage To The New World
Doctor Who: The Holy Terror
Doctor Who: The Maltese Penguin
Doctor Who: Excelis Rising
Doctor Who: The Condemned
Doctor Who: The Doomwood Curse
Doctor Who: Brotherhood Of The Daleks
Doctor Who: The Raincloud Man
Doctor Who: Return Of The Krotons
Doctor Who: Patient Zero
Doctor Who: Paper Cuts
Doctor Who: Blue Forgotten Planet
Doctor Who: The Marian Conspiracy
Doctor Who: The Spectre Of Lanyon Moor
Doctor Who: The Apocalypse Element
Doctor Who: Bloodtide
Doctor Who: Project Twilight
Doctor Who: The Sandman
Doctor Who: Real Time
Doctor Who: Jubilee
Doctor Who: The Pirates
Doctor Who: Project Lazarus
Doctor Who: Arrangements For War
Doctor Who: Medicinal Purposes
Doctor Who: Pier Pressure
Doctor Who: The Nowhere Place
Doctor Who: 100
Doctor Who: Assassin In The Limelight
Doctor Who: The Feast Of Axos
Doctor Who: Industrial Evolution
Doctor Who: The Curse Of Davros
Doctor Who: The Fourth Wall
Doctor Who: Wirrn Isle
Doctor Who: Her Final Flight
Doctor Who: I.D. / Urgent Calls
Doctor Who: City Of Spires
Doctor Who: The Wreck Of The Titan
Doctor Who: Legend Of The Cybermen
Doctor Who: The Acheron Pulse
Doctor Who: The Wrong Doctors
Doctor Who: Spaceport Fear
Doctor Who: The Seeds Of War
Doctor Who: Thicker Than Water
Doctor Who: The Juggernauts
Doctor Who: Catch-1782
Doctor Who: The Wishing Beast

Doctor Who: 5th Doctor Audio Dramas

(Listed in chronological story order.)

Doctor Who: Land Of The Dead
Doctor Who: Winter For The Adept
Doctor Who: The Mutant Phase
Doctor Who: Creatures Of Beauty
Doctor Who: The Game
Doctor Who: Circular Time
Doctor Who: Renaissance Of The Daleks
Doctor Who: Return To The Web Planet
Doctor Who: The Haunting Of Thomas Brewster
Doctor Who: The Boy That Time Forgot
Doctor Who: Castle Of Fear
Doctor Who: The Eternal Summer
Doctor Who: Plague Of The Daleks
Doctor Who: The Demons Of Red Lodge
Doctor Who: 1001 Nights
Doctor Who: Omega
Doctor Who: Excelis Dawns
Doctor Who Lost Stories: The Elite
Doctor Who Lost Stories: Hexagora
Doctor Who Lost Stories: The Children Of Seth
Doctor Who: Cobwebs
Doctor Who: The Whispering Forest
Doctor Who: The Cradle Of The Snake
Doctor Who: Heroes Of Sontar
Doctor Who: Kiss Of Death
Doctor Who: Rat Trap
Doctor Who: The Emerald Tiger
Doctor Who: The Jupiter Conjunction
Doctor Who: The Butcher Of Brisbane
Doctor Who: Eldrad Must Die!
Doctor Who: The Lady Of Mercia
Doctor Who: Prisoners Of Fate
Doctor Who: Phantasmagoria
Doctor Who: Loups-Garoux
Doctor Who: Singularity
Doctor Who: Red Dawn
Doctor Who: Eye Of The Scorpion
Doctor Who: The Church And The Crown
Doctor Who: Nekromanteia
Doctor Who: Axis Of Insanity
Doctor Who: Roof Of The World
Doctor Who: Three’s A Crowd
Doctor Who: The Council Of Nicaea
Doctor Who: The Kingmaker
Doctor Who: Son Of The Dragon
Doctor Who: The Bride Of Peladon
Doctor Who: The Gathering
Doctor Who: Exotron / Urban Myths
Doctor Who: The Judgement Of Isskar
Doctor Who: Destroyer Of Delights
Doctor Who: The Chaos Pool
Doctor Who: The Burning Prince