The Doctor
Third Doctor & TARDIS set –
Third Doctor collector set (The Doctor / The Master / Jo Grant) –
9th and 10th Doctor (Regeneration Set) –
10th Doctor (season 2 grey suit) –
10th Doctor (season 3 blue suit w/glasses) –
10th Doctor in Spacesuit (from The Satan Pit) –

Companions & Friends
Bill Potts
Captain Jack Harkness with the Empty Child (The Empty Child) –
Martha Jones
Rose Tyler with Chip (New Earth) –

Daleks & Cybermen
Assault Dalek
Cybercontroller (new series) –
Cyberman (new series) –
Dalek (Mutant Reveal) (Dalek) –
Dalek Sec (Doomsday) –
Dalek Sec Human Hybrid (Evolution Of The Daleks) –
Dalek Thay (Damaged) (Evolution Of The Daleks) –

Other Aliens
Autons (Rose) –
Clockwork Robot (The Girl In The Fireplace) –
Empress Of Racnoss (The Runaway Bride) –
Face Of Boe
Hoix (Love & Monsters) –
Judoon Captain (Smith & Jones) –
Judoon Trooper (Smith & Jones) –
Krillitane (School Reunion) –
Lilith (The Shakespeare Code) –
Moxx Of Balhoon (The End Of The World) –
Novice Hame (New Earth / Gridlock) –
Ood (The Satan Pit) –
Slitheen with Space Pig (Aliens Of London) –
Sycorax Leader (The Christmas Invasion) –
Toby (The Satan Pit) –
Werewolf (Tooth & Claw) –
The Wire with faceless Grandma Connolly (The Idiot’s Lantern) –

Vehicles & Playsets
The TARDIS (new series) –

4 Daleks with Genesis Ark (Doomsday) –
Cybercontroller with Throne and Guards (The Age Of Steel) –
Doomsday Set (10th Doctor, Dalek Sec, Cyberman) –

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