Pac-Man © Namco
Arcade game (Pac-Man 25th Anniversary upright with 19″ monitor):
Nintendo DS (Namco Museum DS): – also featuring Pac-Man Vs.
Nintendo Wii (Namco Museum Remix):
PSP (Namco Museum 50th Anniversary Battle Collection):
Dreamcast (Namco Museum):
Game Boy Advance (Pac-Man Collection):
Game Boy Color (Pac-Man / Pac-Attack):
GameCube (Namco Museum):
Neo Geo Pocket Color:
Nintendo 64 (Namco Museum):
PC (Microsoft Return Of Arcade):
Playstation 1 (Namco Museum Volume 1):
Playstation 2 (Namco Museum):
TV Game (Namco Pac-Man 5-in-1):

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