Adventures of Superman DVDs

Adventures of Superman Complete Series –
Adventures of Superman Season 1 –
Adventures of Superman Season 2 –
Adventures of Superman Seasons 3 & 4 –
Adventures of Superman Seasons 5 & 6 –

Superman Movie DVDs

Superman Ultimate Collector’s Edition
Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut
Superman: The Christopher Reeve Collection
Superman: The Movie: 4-Disc Special Edition
Superman Returns: 2-Disc Special Edition

Superman Animated DVDs – Fleischer Cartoons

The Complete Superman Cartoons – Diamond Anniversary Edition
Max Fleischer’s Superman
Superman – The Lost Episodes (post-Fleischer Famous Studios cartoons only) –
Superman – The Ultimate Max Fleischer Cartoon Collection
The Superman Cartoons of Max and Dave Fleischer

Superman Movie Soundtrack CDs

Superman: The Music (8CD Box Set: Superman I-IV + late ’80s animated series) –
Superman (1978 John Williams score) –
Superman Returns (John Ottman score) –
Man Of Steel (2CD Standard Edition) –
Man Of Steel (2CD Deluxe Edition) –