Space Exploration Nonfiction / Astronaut Biographies

Chariots For Apollo by Charles R. Pellegrino & Joshua Stoff –
Deke! by Deke Slayton and Michael Cassutt –
The Encyclopedia Of Soviet Spacecraft by Douglas Hart –
First Man: The Life Of Neil A. Armstrong by James R. Hansen –
Full Moon by Michael Light –
Genesis: The Story Of Apollo 8 by Robert Zimmerman –
John Glenn: A Memoir by John Glenn & Nick Taylor –
Journey Beyond Selene by Jeffrey Kluger –
Light This Candle: The Life and Times of Alan Shepard by Neal Thompson –
Lost Moon (Apollo 13) by Jim Lovell and Jeffrey Kluger –
A Man On The Moon by Andrew Chiakin –

Moon Shot by Deke Slayton, Alan Shepard, et al. –
NASA & The Exploration Of Space by Roger Launius –
Sojourner: An Insider’s View Of The Mars Pathfinder Mission
Starman: The Truth Behind the Legend of Yuri Gagarin by Jamie Doran & Piers Bizony –
This New Ocean by William E. Burrows –
We Have Capture by Thomas P. Stafford & Michael Cassutt –

Doctor Who: Non-Fiction Books

About Time Volume 1: Seasons 1-3
About Time Volume 2: Seasons 4-6
About Time Volume 3: Seasons 7-11
About Time Volume 4: Seasons 12-17
About Time Volume 5: Seasons 18-21
About Time Volume 6: Seasons 22-26 & The TV Movie
Back To The Vortex
The Brilliant Book of Doctor Who 2011
Dalek Empire: The Scripts
Doctor Who: The Audio Adventures – The Inside Story
Doctor Who: The Handbook (contains all of the Handbook volumes below) –
Doctor Who Handbooks: The First Doctor Handbook
Doctor Who Handbooks: The Second Doctor Handbook
Doctor Who Handbooks: The Third Doctor Handbook
Doctor Who Handbooks: The Fourth Doctor Handbook
Doctor Who Handbooks: The Fifth Doctor Handbook
Doctor Who Handbooks: The Sixth Doctor Handbook
Doctor Who Handbooks: The Seventh Doctor Handbook
Doctor Who: The Inside Story (making of the new series) –
Doctor Who: Monsters and Villains
Doctor Who: Regeneration (making of the Paul McGann movie) –
Doctor Who: The Shooting Scripts – Season One (2005 series) –
Growing Pains by Billie Piper (autobiography) –
Script Doctor: The Inside Story Of Doctor Who 1986-89 by Andrew Cartmel –
The Television Companion (second edition) –

Battlestar Galactica Non-Fiction Books

An Analytical Guide to Battlestar Galactica
Battlestar Galactica Blueprints
Battlestar Galactica Companion Season 1 (New Series) –
Battlestar Galactica Scrapbook
Encyclopedia Galactica: From The Fleet Library
Frak You!: The Ultimate Unauthorized Guide to Battlestar Galactica
So Say We All: The Complete, Uncensored, Unauthorized Oral History of Battlestar Galactica
The Unofficial Battlestar Galactica Companion

Babylon 5 Non-Fiction Books

Creating Babylon 5
The Complete Guide To Scriptwriting by J. Michael Straczynski –
Interacting With Babylon 5: Fan Performances In A Media Universe
Season By Season: Season 1 – Signs and Portents
Season By Season: Season 2 – The Coming of Shadows
Season By Season: Season 3 – Point Of No Return
Season By Season: Season 4 – No Surrender, No Retreat
Season By Season: Season 5 – The Wheel Of Fire

Blake’s 7 Non-Fiction Books

BBC VFX: The History of the BBC Visual Effects Department 1954-2003
Blake’s 7: The Inside Story
The Blake’s 7 Programme Guide
Liberation: The Unofficial Guide To Blake’s 7
The Making Of Blake’s 7
You’re Him, Aren’t You? (Paul Darrow’s autobiography) –

Alias Non-Fiction Books

Alias: Authorized Personnel Only
Alias Declassified: The Official Companion
Alias Official Strategy Guide (for video game) –
Secret Identities: Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide
Uncovering Alias: An Unofficial Guide