401: Plus!

Exterminate!! Some podcasts should be heard and not seen, but now Select Game offers you the chance to do both! Well, due to an unidentified microphone-and/or/-software issue, that might be a stretch, as your host sounds a bit Dalek-ish for the first several minutes of the show. In this edition, more listener letters, game names that might have been (but weren’t), and playing the graphics-enhanced Videopac+ versions of Pick Axe Pete, Cosmic Conflict, and Attack Of The Ti — uh, I mean, Terrhawks. Because obviously, Terrahawks, right? Do the graphical enhancements improve the game? Also, how about that Flashpoint? (55:11)

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The theme song for Select Game is “Fat Cat Wants Tasty Fish” by Teleidofusion, via the Free Music Archive.

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Serious Business

Pre-production meeting with my staff for episode 2. I’ll be covering two games and you already know what one of those titles is. I wonder what the other one is?

CO 2

The Post-Game-Show…Show

Computer Golf!First off, a huge thanks to everyone for the warm welcome. The response has been tremendous, which is really encouraging since I’m already deep into recording and production of several future episodes at once. So, with that in mind, let’s do the FAQ thing real quick-like. Read More