Select Game PodcastSword-‘n’-Spell-Slingin’ Sixth Episode! There’s a thin line between setting out on a grand quest to restore peace and order to the kingdom, and “Dad, why do we have to get all these rings?” And in this episode we cross that line! E and I swash our buckles, and fail a saving throw against playing the board game precisely the wrong way. The edited-down game play segment in this almost painfully focused, detailed episode is nearly 15 minutes long; an extended cut with the full half-hour game play segment (!!) will be released at a later date. Either way, this episode requires a much bigger box than usual. (58:20)

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The same RPG dice I’ve had since 1983 or so. Pretty, huh?

The O2 gets overlaid. (Hey, somebody has to.)

The board game, very likely set up in exactly the wrong way.

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