New Podcast to begin in 2019. Weekly.

Focus on 2-4 TV shows, preferably from the same week of the same year.
Episode numbering format: [which week of that year] + [last two digits of year]
i.e., Episode 17-78 covers the 17th week of 1978.

What happened in history that week? Famous deaths (or now-famous births)? Give the context and the cultural “mood”.

Synopsis of each show (read the Logbook entry, basically).
Trivia (guest star, writer, director connections).
Irreverent observations (what dates it badly, or what aged really well – be fair).
What is the story really telling us? Does it succeed in telling us that?
Does it hold up now? For that matter, did it hold up then?

Intersperse with theme music/show opens/network teases if available/contemporary commercials.

In the event of a squeeze:
A “b” episode can always be done for a jam-packed week.
Favor weeknight shows over Saturday morning cartoons.
Favor live action over animation; favor English-speaking over foreign (such as anime).
Only cover radio if it’s something major (i.e. NPR Star Wars, early Hitchhiker’s Guide, Alien Worlds).

In the event of a “dry” week:
Are there unaired episodes from a given year/show than can be discussed? Examples of series with unaired episodes: Logan’s Run, Planet Of The Apes, Doomwatch, Beyond Westworld, Gemini Man, Night Gallery.

#01-77: Week of January 3, 1977
– Wonder Woman: Last of the Two Dollar Bills
– Doctor Who: Face of Evil part 2
– Children of the Stones: Into The Circle

#03-79: Week of January 15, 1979
– Captain America (TV movie)
– Blake’s 7: Shadow
– Doctor Who: The Armageddon Factor Part 1

#07-79: Week of February 12, 1979
– Supertrain: And a Cup of Kindness Too
– Battlestar Galactica: Murder on the Rising Star
– Blake’s 7: Trial

#07-77: Week of February 14, 1977
– Wonder Woman: In Hollywood
– Fantastic Journey: Beyond The Mountain
– Children Of The Stones: Squaring the Circle

#08-77: Week of February 21, 1977
– Fantastic Journey: Children of the Gods
– Doctor Who: The Talons of Weng Chiang Part 1
– Children Of The Stones: Full Circle

#11-74: Week of March 11th, 1974
– Six Million Dollar Man: Rescue of Athena One
– Doctor Who: Death To The Daleks Part 4
– Tomorrow People: A Rift In Time Part 1

#16-75: Week of April 14th, 1975
– Survivors: The Fourth Horseman
– Sky: Juganet
– Doctor Who: Revenge of the Cybermen Part 1

#14-78: Week of April 3, 1978:
– Hulk: 747
– Spider-Man: Deadly Dust part 1
– Vanessa 38-24-36

#17-78: Week of April 24, 1978:
– Spider-Man: Night of the Clones
– Man from Atlantis: Imp
– Hulk: Never Give A Trucker An Even Break

#36-75-b: September 6, 1975: Saturday Morning Special!
– Land of the Lost: Tar Pit
– Shazam: On Winning
– Isis: Lights of Mystery Mountain
– Far-Out Space Nuts: It’s All In Your Mind
– Planet of the Apes: Flames of Doom

#37-75: Week of September 8, 1975
– Invisible Man: The Klae Resource
– Space: 1999: Force of Life

#38-73: Week of September 17th, 1973
– Starlost: Voyage of Discovery
– Star Trek TAS: One Of Our Planets is Missing
– Moonbase 3: Achilles’ Heel

#38-77: Week of September 19, 1977
– Man From Atlantis: Melt Down
– Wonder Woman: Anschluss ’77
– Raven: Episode 1

#40-76: Week of September 27, 1976
– Gemini Man: Minotaur
– Doctor Who: Hand Of Fear Part 1
– Star Maidens: Kidnap

#47-79: Week of November 19, 1979
– Captain America II: Death Too Soon
– Buck Rogers: Cosmic Wiz Kid
– Doctor Who: Nightmare of Eden part 1
– Monkey: Turns Nursemaid

#50-73: Week of December 15th, 1973
– Starlost: The Return of Oro
– Star Trek TAS: The Slaver Weapon
– Doctor Who: Time Warrior part 1

#51-70: Week of December 14th, 1970
– Night Gallery: The Dead Man / The Housekeeper
– UFO: Close Up
– The Immortal: The Return

Possible Show titles:
“The LogBook”
“We Come From A Funky Future”
“The Future Was Funky”
“The Next Exciting Episode”
“Retrogram Complete” (Logan’s Run in-joke)
Prime Time Travel” / “Prime Time Travelers(already taken)
“Space Station Corduroy”
“Children Of The Corduroy”
“The Robot Wore Bell Bottoms”
“Leisure Suits In Space”
“Tune In Next Time”
Planet Of The Tapes(already taken)

Show title: Retrogram