...in the arcade 1979 3 quarters (3 stars) Arcade Cinematronics Cockpit First-Person Joystick More Than 2 Buttons S Shooting At Enemies Vector Graphics


The Game: The player pilots a space fighter into an endless dogfight above a space station trench. Enemy ships attack from all directions, and even zip down the trench; and and all of these can be blasted into bits for points. Beware the fastest of these enemy fighters, which will appear with very little notice …

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...in the arcade 1980 4 quarters (4 stars) A Arcade Cinematronics Maze Military More Than 2 Buttons Shooting At Enemies Tanks Vector Graphics

Armor Attack

The Game: One or two players are at the controls of speedy ground assault vehicles which can zip around an enclosed maze of open areas and buildings with almost mouse-like speed. Heavy tanks and armed helicopters routinely appear in this maze, attempting to shoot any player vehicles they spot; the player(s) can, in turn, fire …

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4 quarters (4 stars) Arcade Breaking Through Walls Cinematronics More Than 2 Buttons S Shooting At Enemies Vector Graphics

Star Castle

The Game: You control a lone space fighter in the immediate vicinity of the nearly-impenetrable Star Castle. Its three layers of shields rotate, but those layers aren’t solid, so you might be able to get a shot in and destroy the alien craft at its center – but it’s also just as likely that the …

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...in the arcade ...in the arcade 1 Button 1981 1982 4 quarters (4 stars) Arcade Cinematronics Joystick Slide & Shoot (i.e. Space Invaders) Vector Graphics W

War Of The Worlds

The Game: The Martians are coming! And they’re coming in colorful vector graphics! The tripod-like Martian War Machines land, extend their legs, and begin marching inexorably toward your cannon, pausing momentarily to sweep the bottom of the screen with their deadly heat rays, or hurling spirals of energy your way to slow down your cannon. …

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...in the arcade 1 Button 1982 4 quarters (4 stars) Arcade Gottlieb Publisher / Manufacturer R Ramming Enemies Speech Synthesis Trackball


The Game: In a bizarre combination of pinball, zero gravity, and nuclear physics, you pilot your “ship” around a reactor chamber, trying to eliminate rogue radioactive particles (which are about the same size as your ship). Anything touching the outer walls of the chamber will be destroyed, including your on-screen alter ego. Two pairs of …

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