1992 2 Buttons 3 quarters (3 stars) Available In Our Store D D-Pad Game Boy (original) Handheld / Portable Games home video games only Namco Retro Remakes

Dig Dug

The Game: You are Dig Dug, an intrepid gardener whose soil is infested with pesky Pookas and fire-breathing Fygars. You’re armed with your trusty pump, which you can use to inflate your enemies until, finally, they blow up. But both the Pookas and Fygars can crawl through the ground and can pop out into your …

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1992 2 Buttons 4 quarters (4 stars) Action Strategy Atari Atari 7800 Collecting Objects Game Systems home video games only Joystick K Unreleased Prototypes


The Game: It is the nineties, as the intro screen says, and there is time for this home version of Klax, in which players try to stack colored bricks according to on-screen instructions: horizontal, vertical and diagonal rows may be required. The conveyor belts carrying the bricks gradually speed up until the bricks are zipping …

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1992 4 quarters (4 stars) Claiming Territory D-Pad Game Systems Isometric View Jumping NTVIC Q Retro Remakes Super Nintendo

Q*Bert 3

The Game: Q*Bert, a nosey little guy with a propensity for hopping, spends his time hopping around a three-dimensional pyramid of cubes, avoiding Coily the Snake and other assorted purple and red creatures, including a few who operate on a slightly different plane (i.e., they move down the pyramid as if it were rotated one-third). …

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1992 2 Buttons 3 quarters (3 stars) Action Strategy D-Pad Game Boy (original) Handheld / Portable Games Interbec Japanese Import Real Time Strategy S Shooting At Enemies

Space Battleship Yamato

The Game: Players assume the role of Susumu Kodai, a hot-headed young recruit unexpectedly thrust into a leadership role on a mission to cross the galaxy and procure a device that can restore planet Earth’s war-decimated ecosphere within a year. As if crossing the Milky Way and returning within a year wasn’t enough of a …

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1992 4 quarters (4 stars) D-Pad Driving First-Person Game Systems home video games only More Than 2 Buttons Nintendo Racing S Sports Super Nintendo

Super Mario Kart

The Game: It’s a big day at the races, with a field of drivers selected from the Mushroom Kingdom: Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, Bowser, and even Donkey Kong Jr. are among the racers vying for the top spot. From the grassy Mushroom course to the punishingly muddy Star course to the oceanside Flower course, …

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1992 3 quarters (3 stars) Alternative Software D European Import Home Computer System IBM PC Joystick Keyboard Shooting At Enemies Side-Scrolling

Doctor Who: Dalek Attack

The Game: As one of three incarnations of the Doctor (only Patrick Troughton, Tom Baker and Sylvester McCoy are offered), and with the option of a second playing assuming the role of either Ace or an unnamed (and yet somehow familiarly mustachioed) UNIT soldier, you must navigate various environments from the sewers and streets of …

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