...at home 1990 2 Buttons 5 quarters (5 stars) Atari Atari 7800 Fighting Game Systems Golf home video games only Joystick N Side-Scrolling Sports

Ninja Golf

The Game: You face a test of your skills in the time-honored way of the Ninja: you must survive a game of golf. But you’re not the only Ninja on the course, and apparently you are the only Ninja who’s got a bullseye painted on his back. Before you can say “Crouching Tiger Woods, Hidden …

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...at home 1990 4 quarters (4 stars) D-Pad Game Systems More Than 2 Buttons NES Pony Canyon Role Playing Game U

Ultima: Quest Of The Avatar

The Game: Darkness has fallen anew upon Britannia, and Lord British calls for your service again. You start out alone, accumulating traveling (and fighting) companions along your journey, striving to live by the Eight Virtues that govern conduct in the kingdom. Along the way, numerous creatures, both evil and simply pesky, challenge you. As you …

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