...on computers 1989 3 quarters (3 stars) Ensign Software Home Computer System IBM PC Keyboard R Shooting At Enemies Side-Scrolling

Revenge Of Defender

The Game: Players slide into the cockpit of Defender once again, defending the power generators on the surface of a human space colony from intruding aliens. As usual, the Defender is a versatile, fast-moving attack ship, but the aliens have an advantage in sheer numbers. Vaporizer bombs can clear the screen of attackers, but they’re …

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...on computers 1989 3 quarters (3 stars) Home Computer System IBM PC Keyboard Mouse S Simon & Schuster Interactive

Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Transinium Challenge

The Game: Captain Picard places Commander Riker – that’s you, by the way – in charge of the Enterprise, which is currently on a mission to find out who is launching terrorist attacks on mining stations in the Aquila solar system. Riker can use the Enterprise’s computer to analyze objects and ships, or to look …

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...on computers 1989 Apple II Controller Educational H Home Computer System Keyboard NASA No Rating Publisher / Manufacturer Rating Science Style Title Begins With Year

Hubble Space Telescope

The Game: Well, it’s not really a game. A NASA-published electronic press kit walks you through the basics of the then-upcoming Hubble Space Telescope, from its impending launch aboard the Space Shuttle to how it collects and transmits images. Thanks to a problem with its optics, it would be a few years before the Hubble …

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