...at home 1 Button 1979 3 quarters (3 stars) Action Strategy Collecting Objects Joystick Magnavox / N.A.P. O Odyssey2

Out Of This World! / Helicopter Rescue!

The Game: In this two-for-one game, you take to the skies in one of two different ways. Out Of This World! is a classic lunar lander game, in which you must balance your descent speed and your remaining fuel to make a safe landing on the surface of the moon, and then safely return to …

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...at home 1 Button 1979 2 quarters (2 stars) Action Adventure Atari Atari 2600 VCS Game Systems home video games only Joystick S Side-Scrolling Vertical Scrolling


The Game: It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a vaguely anthropomorphic heap o’ pixels with a red cape! Lex Luthor has hatched one of his deadly schemes to overthrow Metropolis – and, naturally, the world – starting with the destruction of a bridge in the city. Deal with Luthor’s thugs, save Lois, and put …

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...at home 1 Button 1 quarter (1 star) 1979 Joystick Magnavox / N.A.P. Odyssey2 T Video Pinball


The Game: It’s all the thrills of pinball, minus approximately 75% of the excitement! Use your joystick to control the plunger tension and launch your ball into play. Use the action button to pop the flippers, keeping your ball on the field and out of trouble. The bumpers and spinner score big points…well, relatively speaking. …

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...at home 1 Button 1979 4 quarters (4 stars) Ground Troops Joystick Magnavox / N.A.P. Military Odyssey2 Real Time Strategy W

War Of Nerves!

The Game: You’re the commander of a small squad of robots, and your opponent – be it a second player or the computer – is commanding a similar platoon o’ droids. Your job is to avoid the enemy’s robots while you wait for your robots to reach the enemy commander. Of course, the enemy’s robots …

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...on computers 1 Button 1979 5 quarters (5 stars) Atari Atari 8-Bit Computers Cockpit computer games only First-Person Home Computer System Joystick Keyboard S Shooting At Enemies

Star Raiders

The Game: Zylon warships are on the rampage, blasting allied basestars out of the sky and wreaking havoc throughout the galaxy. Your orders are to track down the fast-moving raiders and destroy them before they can do any more damage. You have limited shields and weapons at your disposal, and a battle computer which is …

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