...in the arcade 1986 2 Buttons 2 quarters (2 stars) Action Strategy Arcade Available In Our Store J Joystick Speech Synthesis Williams Electronics

Joust 2: Survival Of The Fittest

The Game: Mount up that ostrich and ride into battle once more, this time in strange new environments such as “The Altar,” “The Blues,” a deadly mechanical warrior which can be dismantled by lancing strategic points, and crystal caves filled with killer bats. If all this sounds like too much for an armored guy on …

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...at home 1987 4 quarters (4 stars) Atari Atari 2600 VCS Game Systems home video games only J Joystick Maze Vertical Scrolling

Jr. Pac-Man

The Game: As the offspring of a round yellow creature consisting of a mouth and nothing else, you maneuver around a bigger maze than your parents ever had to deal with, gobbling small dots and evading four colorful monsters who can eat you on contact. Six large flashing dots in the maze enable you to …

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