...at home 1 Button 1 dime (0 stars) 1978 Atari Atari 2600 VCS Available In Our Store Game Systems home video games only Joystick Resource Management S Sears Text Adventure

Stellar Track

The Game: Welcome to the bridge. Your mission is to travel from sector to sector, eliminating alien incursions without getting your ship and crew destroyed. Friendly starbases offer aid and allow you to make resupply stops so you can keep up the good fight – and you do have to keep a careful eye on …

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...on computers 1984 2 quarters (2 stars) A Adventure International Apple II Home Computer System Keyboard Text Adventure

The Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai Across The 8th Dimension

The Game: Players control the actions of rock star brain surgeon (or is that the other way around?) Buckaroo Banzai, who starts the game in Yoyodyne Headquarters and must quickly accumulate the necessary gear to embark on an adventure to fend off the evil Red Lectroid’s latest bid to destroy the Earth. (Adventure International, 1984) …

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...on computers 1984 4 quarters (4 stars) Apple II H Home Computer System Infocom Keyboard Text Adventure

The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy

The Game: You’re Arthur Dent, and you’ve woken up with a very bad hangover. Between your state of inebriation and the fact that the Earth will shortly be demolished to make way for a hyperspace bypass, this is an inauspicious start, especially since you must fulfill your destiny as one of the only two human …

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...on computers 1985 3 quarters (3 stars) BBC BBC Micro D Home Computer System Keyboard Text Adventure

Doctor Who and the Warlord

The Game: You are the Doctor’s companion, separated from the Time Lord during an attempt to save the Doctor’s old friend, King Varangar. When you come to, the Doctor is nowhere around, you’re unarmed, and you’re surrounded by deadly swamps, war zones, and hostile alien soldiers. Your life expectancy away from the TARDIS isn’t looking …

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...on computers 1987 3 quarters (3 stars) Apple II Home Computer System Keyboard O Penguin Software Polarware Retro Remakes Text Adventure

Oo-Topos (Apple II)

The Game: A prisoner awakens in a cell aboard an alien spaceship, parked on an unknown world. with nothing more than the meal that’s been provided and his wits, the prisoner has to escape his cell, overcome guards and automatic defense system , collect items that could help him escape his captors. The guards always …

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