...at home 1 Button 1978 2 quarters (2 stars) A Joystick Magnavox / N.A.P. Military Odyssey2 Planes Submarines Tanks

Armored Encounter! / Sub Chase!

The Game: War is pixellated, blocky hell on the Odyssey2! In Armored Encounter, two combatants in tanks circumnavigate a maze peppered with land mines, searching for the optimum spot from which to blow each other to kingdom come. In Sub Chase, a bomber plane and a submarine, both maneuverable in their own way, try to …

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...at home 1 Button 1980 2 quarters (2 stars) C Joystick Magnavox / N.A.P. Military Odyssey2 Planes Submarines Tanks

Conquest Of The World

The Game: In probably the weakest of the Master Series games – Odyssey games which included overcomplicated board game elements, a la Quest For The Rings – you control one of the world’s superpowers, attempting to gain as much influence as possible through political and economic means and, where necessary, warfare. (Magnavox, 1980) Memories: Well, …

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...at home 1 Button 1982 2 quarters (2 stars) Atari 2600 VCS home video games only Joystick Military S Sega Shooting At Enemies Submarines

Sub Scan

The Game: It’s a cold warrior’s nightmare! Enemy submarines glide silently through the seas below, but the only ordnance available isn’t of the guided variety. From a destroyer on the surface of the ocean, players have to carefully drop depth charges; taking out enemy subs will depend on timing and sheer luck. Failing to take …

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