...at home 1 Button 1979 4 quarters (4 stars) Ground Troops Joystick Magnavox / N.A.P. Military Odyssey2 Real Time Strategy W

War Of Nerves!

The Game: You’re the commander of a small squad of robots, and your opponent – be it a second player or the computer – is commanding a similar platoon o’ droids. Your job is to avoid the enemy’s robots while you wait for your robots to reach the enemy commander. Of course, the enemy’s robots …

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...in the arcade 1 Button 1982 4 quarters (4 stars) Arcade arcade games only F Ground Troops Joystick Military Paddle / Rotary Knob Taito Tanks

Front Line

The Game: In a very genteel and almost inappropriately cute game about armored combat, you’re a lone footsoldier fighting your way through a platoon of enemy troops, trying to take out as many of them as you can until you find your way to a handy empty tank. (Nice of the enemy to allow your …

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...at home 1 Button 1982 4 quarters (4 stars) Atari 2600 VCS C Game Systems Ground Troops Joystick Military Planes Shooting At Enemies U.S. Games

Commando Raid

The Game: Helicopters and planes are dumping paratroopers directly over your land-locked cannon. Your job is to take out both aircraft and paratroopers before the enemy can land on and slowly destroy the rows of buildings on either side of the cannon. Once enemy paratroopers raze a building to the ground, they begin doing something …

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...in the arcade 1985 2 Buttons 4 quarters (4 stars) Arcade arcade games only Available In Our Store Fighting Ground Troops Joystick Jumping Konami Military R Shooting At Enemies

Rush’N Attack

The Game: You’re a lone soldier behind enemy lines, but this is no Front Line. Armed with a knife and some serious kickboxing skills, you weave your way through an enemy installation, doing away with soldiers who are trying to block your way. Occasionally, you can pick up a weapon from a downed enemy, including …

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...on computers 1987 4 quarters (4 stars) Cinemaware Claiming Territory Commodore 64 D Ground Troops Keyboard Military

Defender Of The Crown

The Game: The King of England has been assassinated and the crown has gone missing! To regain the crown and restore order you’ll need to conquer the entire country, one castle at a time. Equal parts strategy and action make for lots of fun and replayability. The ultimate cinematic experience for the Commodore 64. (Cinemaware, …

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1996 4 quarters (4 stars) Available In Our Store C Electronic Arts Ground Troops Home Computer System IBM PC Keyboard Military Planes Real Time Strategy Resource Management Tanks

Command & Conquer: Red Alert

The Game: It’s the Cold War all over again – but worse. Tampering with the timeline has wreaked immeasurable damage with the development of technology, and the result is a new wave of deadly weapons, including Tesla tanks and turrets (which discharge immense electrical energy at their opponents) and Chrono-tanks (which can shift their position …

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