...at home 1 Button 1982 4 quarters (4 stars) Educational Game Systems Joystick Keyboard Magnavox / N.A.P. Odyssey2 S Slide & Shoot (i.e. Space Invaders) Spelling with Voice

SID The Spellbinder!

The Game: What happens when the Dreaded Dratapillar Of Venus makes a guest appearance? It means that a spelling bee is imminent! A friendly voice warns you to look out for a “monster attack,” and after dispatching all of the segments of the worm-like invader, you’re asked to correctly spell three words using the Odyssey2 …

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...at home 1 Button 1983 3 quarters (3 stars) Atari 2600 VCS Board Game Educational G Game Systems Joystick Selchow & Righter Spelling


The Game: Think of it as Scrabble without the board. A random selection of letters flashes past (or marches past, depending on your chosen game variation), leaving it up to you to press the fire button and stop them in your tracks. At that moment, you have a limited amount of time to fashion a …

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