...at home 1979 4 quarters (4 stars) Educational Keyboard M Magnavox / N.A.P. Math Odyssey2

Math-A-Magic! / Echo!

The Game: Wow! We must be in the future, for we now have electronic flash cards! This is more or less the function fulfilled by Math-A-Magic, while Echo is a slightly watered down version of the classic electronic game Simon. (Magnavox, 1979) Memories: This may sound a wee bit pretentious, but this “game” – at …

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...at home 1 Button 1980 2 quarters (2 stars) Educational Joystick Magnavox / N.A.P. Math Maze Odyssey2 T

Take The Money And Run!

The Game: Two little white robots represent assorted economic woes, and they drain your cash rapidly if they catch up with you. The object of the game is to come out with the most money left at the end of the two-player game. You couldn’t really do anything about the robots. (Magnavox, 1980) Memories: A …

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...at home 1 Button 1 quarter (1 star) 1982 Atari Atari 2600 VCS Available In Our Store Controller Educational Game Systems home video games only Joystick M Math Racing Sports

Math Gran Prix

The Game: This race is a numbers game. For each turn, players have to decide how many spaces they want to move (overdoing it can result in going off-track and crashing), and then have to answer a math question (math functions and difficulty depend on game settings). Answering correctly will allow the player to move …

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...at home 1 Button 1982 2 quarters (2 stars) Educational Joystick Jumping Keyboard Magnavox / N.A.P. Math N Odyssey2 Shapes & Matching with Voice

Nimble Numbers NED!

The Game: You are NED, hopping over boulders and, with each obstacle overcome, tackling progressively more difficult math questions and pattern-matching exercises. You can select what kind of math you need to work on (addition, subtraction, etc.), and if you don’t solve a problem correctly the first time, it’s broken down into smaller parts to …

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...on computers 1982 4 quarters (4 stars) Apple II Educational Home Computer System Keyboard Learning Company Math R Science Shapes & Matching

Rocky’s Boots

The Game: Rocky is trying to build machines to kick stuff. He provides players with a number of connectors and components, and shows them how they can be used to achieve different tasks. (The Learning Company, 1982) Memories: Fresh from leaving Atari and then taking a vacation, game designer and programmer Warren Robinett was ready …

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...on computers 1984 4 quarters (4 stars) Atari 8-Bit Computers Educational Home Computer System Joystick Keyboard Math Maze Roklan S

Star Maze

The Game: Poor Thid. He’s lost in space, a long way from home, and he’ll need all of Earth’s intellectual and technological resources to get him home. Or, actually, since he’s on a budget, any old kid with an Atari home computer will do. Solve division problems of varying degrees of difficulty to help Thid …

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...at home 2006 C Educational Homebrews Keyboard Math No Rating Odyssey2 PackratVG.com


The Game: The Odyssey2’s keyboard and processing power are at your disposal for any number of mathematical tasks. If you can do it on an adding machine or a low-end handheld scientific calculator, you can do it on Calculator! too. (PackratVG.com / Rene Van Den Enden, 2006) Memories: It’s difficult to really “review” this cartridge, …

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