...on computers 1984 2 quarters (2 stars) A Adventure International Apple II Home Computer System Keyboard Text Adventure

The Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai Across The 8th Dimension

The Game: Players control the actions of rock star brain surgeon (or is that the other way around?) Buckaroo Banzai, who starts the game in Yoyodyne Headquarters and must quickly accumulate the necessary gear to embark on an adventure to fend off the evil Red Lectroid’s latest bid to destroy the Earth. (Adventure International, 1984) …

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...on computers 1 Button 1985 2 quarters (2 stars) Climbing Commodore 64 Home Computer System Joystick Jumping Ocean Software Shooting At Enemies Side-Scrolling T


The Game: The raging battle between the Autobots and Decepticons continues in this exclusive title for the Commodore 64 computer. Take control of five different Transformers in the Autobots’ quest for Energon. (Ocean Software, 1985) Memories: Back before fantastic graphics and CGI cut scenes, videogames often included additional paper documentation to explain who the characters …

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...in the arcade 1986 2 Buttons 2 quarters (2 stars) Action Strategy Arcade Available In Our Store J Joystick Speech Synthesis Williams Electronics

Joust 2: Survival Of The Fittest

The Game: Mount up that ostrich and ride into battle once more, this time in strange new environments such as “The Altar,” “The Blues,” a deadly mechanical warrior which can be dismantled by lancing strategic points, and crystal caves filled with killer bats. If all this sounds like too much for an armored guy on …

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...at home 1988 2 Buttons 2 quarters (2 stars) D-Pad Fighting G home video games only NES Nintendo Shooting At Enemies Toho Studios

Godzilla: Monster Of Monsters

The Game: It is the year 2XXX (don’t worry, we couldn’t find it on our calendars either), and Planet X has declared war on Earth’s solar system, sending its finest kaiju into the fray. In this time of our most desperate need, Godzilla and Mothra step forward to defend the Earth and fight for humanity, …

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...at home 1989 2 Buttons 2 quarters (2 stars) Bandai D-Pad Game Systems Jumping NES S Shooting At Enemies Side-Scrolling Unreleased Prototypes

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

The Game: Sybok, a charismatic Vulcan cult leader, has tried to disrupt the peace process on the neutral planet Nimbus III. Players take control of one Enterprise crewman at a time to: retrieve the Nimbus III hostages (Sulu), save Kirk and Spock from a cell aboard the Enterprise (Scotty), pilot the Enterprise through asteroids and …

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...at home 1997 2 Buttons 2 quarters (2 stars) Available In Our Store D-Pad F Game Systems Hasbro Interactive Jumping Playstation Retro Remakes


The Game: Frogger is back for another ribbeting chase through the traffic, and countless other locales as well. The object of the game is to rescue as many baby frogs as possible without croaking. Jump on anything that moves – provided it doesn’t eat you – to reach your goal. (Hasbro Interactive, 1997) Memories: One …

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1997 2 quarters (2 stars) Available In Our Store BBC D European Import First-Person Home Computer System IBM PC Keyboard Shooter

Doctor Who: Destiny of the Doctors

The Game: The Master strikes again! The evil Time Lord has trapped the Doctor’s first seven incarnations. You assume the role of the Graak, a telepathic entity created by the Doctor in the event of just such an emergency. You must travel to different time zones to rescue the Doctor’s various incarnations, battling Daleks, Cybermen, …

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...at home 1999 2 quarters (2 stars) Available In Our Store Collecting Objects D-Pad Fighting Game Systems Isometric View LucasArts More Than 2 Buttons Playstation S Side-Scrolling

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Memories: As various heroic characters from the days when Jedi Knights still enforced justice in that galaxy far, far away, you must expose the danger posed to peaceful Naboo by the Trade Federation’s army of battle and destroyer droids, and escort Queen Amidala out of the clutches of the invaders who would force her to …

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...at home 1999 2 quarters (2 stars) Available In Our Store D-Pad Electronic Arts First-Person Game Systems More Than 2 Buttons Playstation Shooter X

Xena: Warrior Princess

The Game: An evil sorceress, in her plot to destroy the gods, needs to sacrifice a mortal queen – and decides that Gabrielle will do, since the bard is also the Queen of the Amazons. Xena must fight her way through numerous obstacles to challenge the might of the sorceress and defeat her – the …

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2 Buttons 2 quarters (2 stars) Available In Our Store Claiming Territory D-Pad Game Boy Color Handheld / Portable Games home video games only Q Retro Remakes Taito

Qix Adventure

The Game: A boy named Speedy ventures through a mystical land, taunted by cute animals. Somehow this quest is expressed through a series of challenges in which the player tries to claim as much of the playing field as possible by enclosing areas of it. If the ever-shifting Qix touches Speedy’s marker or an uncompleted …

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...at home 2 quarters (2 stars) 2000 Bandai D-Pad Game Systems Japanese Import More Than 2 Buttons Playstation Role Playing Game S

Space Battleship Yamato

The Game: In the year 2199, Earth is beseiged by radioactive planet bombs launched by the Gamilons. When two junior officers happen upon alien wreckage on Mars, including a message intended for Earth with details of new propulsion and weapon systems, and the promise of a device which could restore Earth to its former beauty, …

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...at home 2 quarters (2 stars) 2000 D-Pad Game Systems More Than 2 Buttons Playstation Quiz / Trivia Sony W

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

The Game: You know the routine! You and one other player (in this age of the Playstation multi-tap, why not a bunch of players?) compete to see who can give Regis the fastest finger (he’s a New Yorker, I’m sure he’s well accustomed to it by now). Whoever comes out on top earns the right …

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...at home 2 quarters (2 stars) 2003 Available In Our Store B Cockpit D-Pad First-Person Game Systems More Than 2 Buttons Shooting At Enemies Vivendi Universal Xbox

Battlestar Galactica

The Game: Help Ensign Adama and the rest of the remaining humans defeat the Cylons and save humanity in Battlestar Galactica, the space-shooting prequel set 40 years before the popular televsion show. (Vivendi Universal, 2003) Memories: Like millions of kids, my life changed forever back in 1977 when my parents took me to go see …

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2 quarters (2 stars) 2005 Available In Our Store Fighting Football Game Systems Joystick Jumping More Than 2 Buttons Retro Compilations Shooting At Enemies Side-Scrolling Slide & Shoot (i.e. Space Invaders) Soccer Sports T Tehkan / Tecmo Vertical Scrolling Video Pinball Xbox

Tecmo Classic Arcade

The Game: Turn your Xbox into a virtual 80’s arcade with Tecmo Classic Arcade, the newest retro compilation disc to hit home consoles. (Tecmo, 2005, for Xbox) Memories: Someone has definitely not been saving the best for last. Tecmo Classic Arcade follows a long line of classic arcade compilations which have been released this summer, …

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