...on computers 1982 4 quarters (4 stars) Action Strategy Apple II Climbing Collecting Objects Home Computer System Joystick Keyboard Penguin Software S

Spy’s Demise (Apple II)

The Game: Players control a spy sneaking through a building looking for secret information. High-speed elevators zoom up and down their cables throughout each floor at random intervals, making it difficult to accomplish the goal of crossing to the other side of the screen (the only way to ascend to the next floor). It takes …

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...on computers 1987 3 quarters (3 stars) Apple II Home Computer System Keyboard O Penguin Software Polarware Retro Remakes Text Adventure

Oo-Topos (Apple II)

The Game: A prisoner awakens in a cell aboard an alien spaceship, parked on an unknown world. with nothing more than the meal that’s been provided and his wits, the prisoner has to escape his cell, overcome guards and automatic defense system , collect items that could help him escape his captors. The guards always …

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