...under development 1 Button 1984 3 quarters (3 stars) Atari 2600 VCS C Coleco Game Systems home video games only Joystick Jumping Konami Unreleased Prototypes

Cabbage Patch Kids: Adventure In The Park

The Game: You are one of those ubiquitously cute icons of the ’80s, a Cabbage Patch Kid, and your mission is to convey your pigtailed self across the screen, circumnavigating whatever dangers await you – rolling balls, puddles of water, and so on. You can jump (and, with the aid of strategically placed trampolines, you …

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...at home 1989 4 quarters (4 stars) D-Pad home video games only Isometric View Jumping Konami NES Q Ultra


The Game: Q*Bert, a nosey little guy with a propensity for hopping, spends his time hopping around a three-dimensional pyramid of cubes, avoiding Coily the Snake and other assorted purple and red creatures, including a few who operate on a slightly different plane (i.e., they move down the pyramid as if it were rotated one-third). …

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