...on computers 1983 2 quarters (2 stars) BBC BBC Micro Collecting Objects D European Import Home Computer System Keyboard Maze Slide & Shoot (i.e. Space Invaders)

Doctor Who: The First Adventure

The Game: You guide the Doctor, that wayward Time Lord, on a quest to retrieve the three segments of the Key to Time, recover your companion from an alien prison, and escape aliens who are on your trail. The game appropriately takes place in four “episodes” (stages). Failing to complete a task will cost you …

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...on computers 1985 3 quarters (3 stars) BBC BBC Micro D Home Computer System Keyboard Text Adventure

Doctor Who and the Warlord

The Game: You are the Doctor’s companion, separated from the Time Lord during an attempt to save the Doctor’s old friend, King Varangar. When you come to, the Doctor is nowhere around, you’re unarmed, and you’re surrounded by deadly swamps, war zones, and hostile alien soldiers. Your life expectancy away from the TARDIS isn’t looking …

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1997 2 quarters (2 stars) Available In Our Store BBC D European Import First-Person Home Computer System IBM PC Keyboard Shooter

Doctor Who: Destiny of the Doctors

The Game: The Master strikes again! The evil Time Lord has trapped the Doctor’s first seven incarnations. You assume the role of the Graak, a telepathic entity created by the Doctor in the event of just such an emergency. You must travel to different time zones to rescue the Doctor’s various incarnations, battling Daleks, Cybermen, …

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..at home 2005 3 quarters (3 stars) BBC D European Import Home Computer System Interactive Movie More Than 2 Buttons Online Game

Doctor Who: Attack Of The Graske

The Game: Somewhere in London, an alien menace is in the early stages of hatching a plan for world domination, and since he’s dropped Rose off to take part in an important historical event (namely, the 1979 Abba concert at Wembley Stadium), the Doctor asks you to help him find it. After the Doctor ties …

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...on computers 2010 5 quarters (5 stars) Action Adventure BBC Collecting Objects D European Import First-Person Home Computer System IBM PC Keyboard Mouse

Doctor Who: The Adventure Games, Episode 1 – City Of The Daleks

The Game: Promising to take his time-traveling sidekick Amy Pond to London in 1963, the Doctor is shocked when the TARDIS actually gets there – and London, and the rest of Earth, is in ruins. The human race is extinct and the Daleks have taken over. Completely unarmed (except for the Doctor’s trusty sonic screwdriver), …

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