...on computers 1 Button 1985 5 quarters (5 stars) Activision Apple II Creative Edit Your Own Levels Educational G Home Computer System Joystick Keyboard

Garry Kitchen’s Game Maker

The Game: You decide what the game’s going to be. From creating your own characters, animating them, building their world (and the physical rules that govern it) and setting up the conflicts and limits, you have a powerful game-making tool at your disposal. Use it wisely, make something fun, and learn a little bit about …

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...on computers 1985 2 Buttons 5 quarters (5 stars) Action Strategy Activision Apple II G Home Computer System Joystick Keyboard


The Game: Supernarural, paranormal investigations and eliminations are the order of the day, as you open your own ghost busting franchise. You start with a finite budget and have to make some savvy choices about vehicles and gear; then it’s time to strap on a proton pack, get behind the wheel of the Ectomobile, and …

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...on computers 1985 2 Buttons 5 quarters (5 stars) Action Strategy Apple II Educational H Home Computer System Joystick Keyboard Micro Learn Shapes & Matching

High Rise

The Game: Think of it as the anti-Tetris. Five hoppers dispense geometric shapes on your command. As Barnaby, you move the pieces into place to build the most stable structure you possibly can, and if you manage to build a high enough tower, you climb to the top and advance to the next level. The …

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...on computers 1 Button 1985 4 quarters (4 stars) Apple II Educational HES Joystick Keyboard P Resource Management Science

Project Space Station

The Game: You are the administrator of NASA. Your goal? To launch the necessary components of a full-scale space station, assemble them in orbit, and initiate and maintain any number of commercial or medical research projects aboard your orbital laboratory. You will also be in charge of launching satellites for commercial and military clients. As …

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...on computers 1 Button 1 quarter (1 star) 1985 Apple II computer games only Isometric View Joystick S Sega Shooting At Enemies Side-Scrolling

Super Zaxxon

The Game: As the pilot of a lone fighter infiltrating a spaceborne fortress, your mission is simple – survive long enough to vanquish the evil Super Zaxxon robot hidden deep within the fortress, and take out as much of the defenses as you can in the meantime. (Sega, 1985) Memories: Just as Super Zaxxon in …

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...on computers 1986 5 quarters (5 stars) Apple II Keyboard Origin Role Playing Game U

Ultima IV: Quest Of The Avatar

The Game: Darkness has fallen anew upon Britannia, and Lord British calls for your service again. You start out alone, accumulating traveling (and fighting) companions along your journey, striving to live by the Eight Virtues that govern conduct in the kingdom. Along the way, numerous creatures, both evil and simply pesky, challenge you. As you …

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...on computers 1986 2 Buttons 4 quarters (4 stars) Apple II Cockpit Educational First-Person H Home Computer System Joystick Keyboard Mindscape Science

The Halley Project

The Game: Your sleek spacecraft is launched from a base installation on Halley’s Comet (!). Your mission is to scout various bodies in the solar system – both planets and moons – which meet strictly defined criteria as dispensed by the computer. In some cases you must land, in others you must simply achieve orbit. …

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...on computers 1987 3 quarters (3 stars) Apple II Home Computer System Keyboard O Penguin Software Polarware Retro Remakes Text Adventure

Oo-Topos (Apple II)

The Game: A prisoner awakens in a cell aboard an alien spaceship, parked on an unknown world. with nothing more than the meal that’s been provided and his wits, the prisoner has to escape his cell, overcome guards and automatic defense system , collect items that could help him escape his captors. The guards always …

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...on computers 1989 Apple II Controller Educational H Home Computer System Keyboard NASA No Rating Publisher / Manufacturer Rating Science Style Title Begins With Year

Hubble Space Telescope

The Game: Well, it’s not really a game. A NASA-published electronic press kit walks you through the basics of the then-upcoming Hubble Space Telescope, from its impending launch aboard the Space Shuttle to how it collects and transmits images. Thanks to a problem with its optics, it would be a few years before the Hubble …

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