1991 4 quarters (4 stars) D-Pad Game Systems home video games only Maxis More Than 2 Buttons Nintendo Real Time Strategy Resource Management S Super Nintendo


The Game: Players start with a blank slate of a land mass, a budget, and their hopes and dreams. The building of a city begins (usually with a power plant of some kind), a delicate attempt to balance residential, commercial, and industrial space, transportation systems, demands from the public, and tax rates. The city will …

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1992 4 quarters (4 stars) Claiming Territory D-Pad Game Systems Isometric View Jumping NTVIC Q Retro Remakes Super Nintendo

Q*Bert 3

The Game: Q*Bert, a nosey little guy with a propensity for hopping, spends his time hopping around a three-dimensional pyramid of cubes, avoiding Coily the Snake and other assorted purple and red creatures, including a few who operate on a slightly different plane (i.e., they move down the pyramid as if it were rotated one-third). …

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1992 4 quarters (4 stars) D-Pad Driving First-Person Game Systems home video games only More Than 2 Buttons Nintendo Racing S Sports Super Nintendo

Super Mario Kart

The Game: It’s a big day at the races, with a field of drivers selected from the Mushroom Kingdom: Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, Bowser, and even Donkey Kong Jr. are among the racers vying for the top spot. From the grassy Mushroom course to the punishingly muddy Star course to the oceanside Flower course, …

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1 quarter (1 star) 1993 Action Strategy Available In Our Store D-Pad Game Systems More Than 2 Buttons S Super Nintendo Toho Studios

Super Godzilla

The Game: It’s Godzilla against the world in Super Godzilla, a game that pits the giant green monster against everything from other giant monsters to tanks, aliens, and UFOs. The future of the world lies in Godzilla’s success. (Toho, 1993) Memories: The 16-bit Super Nintendo (SNES) was light years ahead of its predecessor, the 8-bit …

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...at home 1996 5 quarters (5 stars) Action Adventure D-Pad Game Systems home video games only Isometric View More Than 2 Buttons Nintendo Role Playing Game S Square Super Nintendo

Super Mario RPG

The Game: The seemingly endless battle between Mario and Bowser continues with the Koopa king’s latest kidnapping of the princess. A fierce battle ensues in Bowser’s castle, ending with what seems like a swift defeat for Bowser, when another combatant appears: a huge sword from the sky impales the castle, driving both Mario and Bowser …

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