...at home 1987 2 Buttons 3 quarters (3 stars) D-Pad Game Systems home video games only Sega Sega Master System Shooting At Enemies Vertical Scrolling Z

Zaxxon 3-D

The Game: As the lone pilot daring enough to breach the defenses of Zaxxon’s space stronghold yet again, you take on a fleet of perimeter fighters, some of whom helpfully leave power-ups behind when destroyed. Then it’s into the space base once more, bristling with gun emplacements, fuel tanks that gas up your fighter when …

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...at home 1989 2 Buttons 5 quarters (5 stars) D-Pad European Import Game Systems home video games only Origin Role Playing Game Sega Sega Master System U

Ultima IV

The Game: Darkness has fallen anew upon Britannia, and Lord British calls for your service again. You start out alone, accumulating traveling (and fighting) companions along your journey, striving to live by the Eight Virtues that govern conduct in the kingdom. Along the way, numerous creatures, both evil and simply pesky, challenge you. As you …

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