...at home 1983 2 Buttons 5 quarters (5 stars) Action Strategy Activision Collecting Objects Controller Game Systems H Intellivision Intellivision Controller Style

Happy Trails

The Game: Players control a lawman hot on the trail of a notorious bank robber – a notoriously messy one, it should be noted, since his loot is scattered all over the place. Using the controller, pieces of the maze can be shifted (even while one of the characters is on it) to allow the …

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...at home 1983 2 Buttons 4 quarters (4 stars) Activision D Intellivision Intellivision Controller Shooting At Enemies Side-Scrolling

The Dreadnaught Factor

The Game: Piloting a series of solo space fighters, you’re humanity’s last hope against a fleet of gigantic, triangular wedge-shaped battle cruisers bearing down on Earth. Launching from a staging area equipped with a hyperspace gate to fling your fighters into the void at top speed, you must strafe these cruisers in your fighter, bombing …

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...under development 1 Button 1983 4 quarters (4 stars) Activision Game Systems Intellivision Intellivision Controller R Slide & Shoot (i.e. Space Invaders) Unreleased Prototypes

Robot Rubble

The Game: Robots descend from the mountains with one mission in mind: they’d like to fry you. In fact, they’re pretty adamant on that point. You’re armed with a weapon that can fling anti-robot grenades at them, but you have to account for a trajectory that can be affected by your own movement; mountainous outcroppings …

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...at home 1986 2 Buttons 4 quarters (4 stars) Available In Our Store Game Systems Intellivision Intellivision Controller INTV Corp. Keypad Role Playing Game T

Tower Of Doom

The Game: Abandon hope, all ye who enter the Tower of Doom. Armed and armored, adventurers enter seeking treasure, mystery and glory…but all that stands between them and those goals are dragons, monsters, bizarre traps that twist space and time, and, of course, twisty little passages (there are always twisty little passages). When a battle …

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...at home 1987 4 quarters (4 stars) Collecting Objects D Game Systems Intellivision Intellivision Controller INTV Corp. Maze

Dig Dug

The Game: You are Dig Dug, an intrepid gardener whose soil is infested with pesky Pookas and fire-breathing Fygars. You’re armed with your trusty pump, which you can use to inflate your enemies until, finally, they blow up. But both the Pookas and Fygars can crawl through the ground and can pop out into your …

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...at home 1 Button 1987 3 quarters (3 stars) Climbing D Game Systems Intellivision Intellivision Controller INTV Corp. Isometric View Maze


The Game: Chef Peter Pepper is back, and he’s been served up a second helping of inedible trouble. Roaming the vast, maze-like expanses of Ray’s Diner, the chef has to round up the scattered ingredients of dinner before he finds himself on the menu. For every four screen he clears, Peter Pepper gets a chance …

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...at home 1987 3 quarters (3 stars) Available In Our Store Basketball Game Systems Intellivision Intellivision Controller INTV Corp. Sports

Slam Dunk Super Pro Basketball

The Game: One or two players can set a budget and begin recruiting a top-notch basketball team (or, alternately, recruiting from who’s left after someone else has recruited a top-notch basketball team), and then it’s time to hit the court. Each player controls a team of three with offensive and defensive moves; the player can …

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