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The Game: Ready for a fantastic journey? So long as you’re not counting on Raquel Welch riding shotgun with you, this is as close as you’re going to get. You control a tiny robot probe inside the body of a living, breathing human patient who has a lot of health problems. Tar deposits in the […]

Microsurgeon Overlays

Print these images to make replacement overlays for use with the Microsurgeon Intellivision cartridge. Good quality glossy photo paper is recommended. Unless you have manually made unusual changes to your printer settings, you should be able to print this page directly without worrying about the page’s background graphics. Overlay design & graphics ©1982 Imagic.

Fantastic Voyage

The Game: Man a biological “spaceship” and get ready to shrink down to microscopic size – you’re going on a voyage through the human body! Blasting away viruses and disease cells, and leaving the body’s natural defenses intact, you’re going to give the immune system a little bit of a boost – at least until […]

Slam Dunk Super Pro Basketball

The Game: One or two players can set a budget and begin recruiting a top-notch basketball team (or, alternately, recruiting from who’s left after someone else has recruited a top-notch basketball team), and then it’s time to hit the court. Each player controls a team of three with offensive and defensive moves; the player can […]