FroggerBuy this gameThe Game: Frogger is back for another ribbeting chase through the traffic, and countless other locales as well. The object of the game is to rescue as many baby frogs as possible without croaking. Jump on anything that moves – provided it doesn’t eat you – to reach your goal. (Hasbro Interactive, 1997)

Memories: One of the earlier Retro Revivals to appear in the past couple of years, Frogger doesn’t quite live up to its arcade ancestry as an addictive, play-and-play-again game. My favorite screen is still the “retro level,” which is basically the arcade screen – a busy street followed by a hazardous river – given a 3-D makeover. Once you get past that screen, you might as well be playing a different game.

FroggerFrogger also commits a serious omission in my opinion. Most of the Retro Revivals of late have included emulations of the original games that inspired them. The only reference to the original Frogger here is a brief shot of the arcade screen in the intro movie. The inclusion of some form of the original Frogger would make up for my disappointment with much of the game after the first level.

One thing that does amuse me – though I haven’t figured out how in the world it has any 2 quartersbearing on the game – is the “ribbit” button. You can press this button at any point, and Frogger emits a nice, belch-like froggy sound. What good does this do? I have no idea, but it cracks me up nonetheless!

Frogger Frogger