GalagaThe Game: Commanding a small fleet of sleek fighter ships, you’re up against an alien invasion, arriving in wave after unfriendly wave. Alien fighters resemble butterflies and bees, but the real prize is the handful of motherships which arrives See the videowith each wave. Capable of taking two hits – the first weakens them and turns them dark blue, the second destroys them – the motherships also come equipped with a tractor beam with which to snare your fighters. But if one of your fighters is captured, and you can destroy the mothership which is towing it, your wayward fighter will be returned, doubling your firepower. (Atari, 1984; released circa 1987)

Memories: It took three years for anyone to bring this game to any home video game or computer platform. Who knows why? I never thought it was all that complicated, but apparently not even the ColecoVision or the 5200 were up to the task.

GalagaThis translation of Galaga is pretty decent, though it must’ve looked pretty silly going up against the NES games that were on the market at the time – 4 quarters!including that system’s version of the very same game. Everything is there, even the game’s distinctive music, though it winds up being mangled just a little bit by the 2600-compatible sound chip with which the 7800 was stuck.

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