Time Pilot

Time PilotThe Game: You’re flying solo through the fourth dimension! In what must be the least subtle time-traveling intervention since the last time there was a time travel episode on Star Trek: Voyager, you’re blasting your way through See the original TV addozens of aircraft from 1940 through 1982. From WWII-era prop planes, to Vietnam-era helicopters, to 1982, where you confront jet fighters with the same maneuverability as your plane, you’re in for quite a wild ride. Rescue parachutists and complete the level by destroying “boss” craft such as heavy planes and dirigibles. (Coleco, 1983)

Memories: As well-intentioned as Coleco’s translation of the Centuri-licensed Konami classic was, and even as powerful as the ColecoVision is, it wasn’t quite up to the challenge of Time Pilot.

Time PilotUnusually for a ColecoVision game, Time Pilot comes up short in just about every department – chunky graphics (including one level which floods out the 2 quartersplaying field with a grey background and white clouds, clunky game play, and sound effects that don’t seem to contribute anything to the game. In all, it’s not much of an improvement over Coleco’s Atari 2600 version of Time Pilot.

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