Mr. Do!The Game: As an elfin dweller of a magic garden, you must avoid or do away with a bunch of nasty critters who are after you, while gobbling up as much yummy fruit as you can. (Coleco, 1983)
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Memories: Not the hardest game in the world to translate for home console systems, Mr. Do! is a mixed bag on the 2600. Coleco took a decent swipe at bringing Mr. Do! to the most prolific console of its day, but the problem with this game is that, all the way back to the arcade, there was always another game to which it could be compared: Dig Dug.

Mr. Do!This game’s oddly hollow-looking playfield aside, it’s worth noting how much of the game is accurately represented, although in a necessarily simplified form. It may not look great (but hey, we’re talking about the 2600 here) but it plays like the real thing, with one big difference: with a smaller screen full of bigger sprites, it’s a little easier to be caught by faster 3 quartersenemies like the E-X-T-R-A beasts and mutants. Be on the lookout!

Maybe not the best version of Mr. Do! out there, but it plays close enough to the real thing for the 2600.