Jungle Hunt

Jungle HuntThe Game: You are the king of the jungle! Swinging from vine to vine! Swimming through crocodile-infested waters! Jumping and ducking huge rolling boulders! And vanquishing spear-weilding natives to rescue the damsel! (Atari, See the video1983)

Jungle Hunt, based on the revised version of Taito’s Jungle King arcade game, was a fairly solid entry from the heyday of the Atari 2600 as the premier platform for home editions of arcade games. Faithfully adapting the four levels of the arcade game, albeit in simplified form, Jungle Hunt was actually one of the better 2600 arcade ports. Jungle Hunt

3 quartersThe biggest problem with Jungle Hunt is the difficulty of the final screen with the natives – compared to its arcade progenitor, this level is almost impossible to beat.

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