GalaxianThe Game: As with the classic arcade game, you’re fending off numerous attack waves of an advancing alien fleet, trying to pick them off one by See the videoone while trying not to allow the space creepies to return the favor. (Atari, 1983)

Memories: A slightly odd choice for a 1983 release, Galaxian is another fruit of Atari’s overall licensing deal with Namco, but by this time its popularity had been eclipsed by that of its sequel, Galaga, and in the context of trying to keep up with the latest and greatest, an adaptation of a game with a 1979 vintage in 1983 is slightly strange. Galaxian(Of course, Galaxian is constantly revived now too, but that’s slightly different – it’s a 30-year-old classic now, not a 4-year-old oddity.)

3 quartersRelatively faithful to its namesake, Atari’s Galaxian only suffers in the graphics department, but the game itself is good, if perhaps too easy. It’s a little bit like Atari’s version of Dig Dug – you’re more likely to make it to the tenth level, get bored, and turn off the machine than you are to end the game by losing all of your “lives.”