FroggerThe Game: In a faithful home version of Sega’s original arcade game, you’re a frog trying to cross a highway, and then safely hop across the backs of logs and turtles – while avoiding alligators, snakes and otters – all to get home at the top of the screen. (Parker Brothers, 1983)

Memories: I’ve had the Atari 2600 version of Frogger for a long time, and I’ll admit that both the MAME version of the original arcade game and the Coleco tabletop battery-powered electronic Frogger have always struck me as being very faithful. But as far as early 80s platforms go, ColecoVision wound up with the most faithful Frogger of all.

Much of its wonderful authenticity can be chalked up to the music, reproduced note for note from the arcade game, as well as the sound effects. Though the shape of the screen, and therefore some of its constantly-moving icons (namely the traffic), may have changed a little, 4 quarters!this game feels and sounds as close as you can get without the arcade code. I really have to hand it to whoever at Parker Brothers coded the ColecoVision version of Frogger…they did a fantastic job with the translation.

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