Flipper SlipperThe Game: The water is rising! You’re all that stands between the animals and rising floodwaters. Using a pair of paddles, you have to keep a projectile moving without letting it knock a hole in the seawall behind you; if too many holes See the videoare blasted through the wall, the game will be over and the water will pour in. (Spectravideo, 1983)

Memories: Of all the places to find an oldie-but-goodie game concept. Flipper Slipper is a game that plays very similar to Cutie Q – i.e., the last game designed by Toru Iwitani before he created Pac-Man for Namco.

Flipper SlipperIwitani’s concept – basically a cross between Breakout and pinball, with cute, colorful creatures presaging his next project – undergoes a few changes here, but it’s still fun in just about any form. And it’s likely that in 1983, when Cutie Q was already obscure (if not completely unknown) to most mainstream gamers, nobody counted off points for originality. (Cutie Q probably would’ve faded into total obscurity if not for retro collections on modern consoles, and of course emulation.)

4 quartersFlipper Slipper combines the best of those two worlds with new characters of its own, and the zoo setting makes for some colorful fun. Granted, this isn’t a title that taxes the Colecovision to its technical limits, but does it need to be? Flipper Slipper gets full marks for fun.