PooyanThe Game: You’re a mama pig trying to prevent her adorable piglets from becoming a side of bacon for a pack of big bad wolves. First, you try to shoot down as many wolves as they try to parachute to safety with balloons, and then you have to prevent them from rising back up again, because if they do, they’re going to push a big rock right off a cliff and on top of you. (Konami, 1982)

Memories: For some unfathomable reason, the Atari 2600 cartridge of Pooyan is incredibly rare and valuable. Not that it isn’t a decent game, mind you; for Konami’s first entry into the home video game arena, Pooyan was a very good effort.

Pooyan(As a side note, Pooyan remains one of the toughest games to store with the rest of any given collection of 2600 cartridges because Konami, for reasons unknown, made their casings really long, even longer than Mattel’s M Network casings.)

Audiovisually, 2600 Pooyan isn’t spectacular; in a few places, the 3 quarterssound effects are laughable. The graphics are refreshingly low on the flicker factor, however, and most importantly, the basics of the game itself are preserved – right down to the frustration of the many ways to die in the second screen.

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