Keystone KapersSee the videoThe Game: Kriminals are on the loose in an unspecified retail establishment, and you happen to be the lone kop on the kase. Bouncy balls, shopping karts and other krap get in your way as you try to katch the kriminal before time runs out. You might get lucky and hitch an elevator ride, or you may have to take the escalators at opposite ends of the store, which will take more time. If you don’t kapture the krook, he gets away with the loot. (Activision, 1982)

Memories: A simple little game from the hallowed house of Activision, Keystone Kapers is one of those games you really don’t need the docs to play. I hauled out my second-hand cartridge to review this one, and quickly went from not Keystone Kapersknowing what to do to knowing exactly how to play (allowing for that one brief hiccup where the toy plane beaned me in the head a couple of times).
4 quarters!
Later levels start piling on the obstacles, and pretty soon things are moving at a breakneck page. It’s actually quite a bit of fun.