VentureThe Game: As intrepid (and perpetually happy) adventurer Winky, armed only with a bow and arrow, you’re on a treasure hunt of the deadliest kind. HallMonsters try to stop you at every turn, and their minions guard the individual treasures that lie in the rooms of the maze. You can kill the smaller creatures (though their decomposing remains are still deadly to touch), but the HallMonsters are impervious to your arrows – and you’re lunch. (Coleco, 1982)

Memories: Based on the addictive arcade game, this game is an excellent home translation, complete with background music and sound effects. Though the ColecoVision was more than capable of displaying more colorful and more detailed graphics, Venture is one of the better “simple” games made for this console.

While Coleco’s initial batch of titles included very few outright hits on the level of Donkey Kong or Zaxxon, its canny licensing choices in the ranks of arcade sleeper 4 quarters!hits not only resulted in great games for the Colecovision, but even brought a little bit of interest back to those games as coin-ops. Venture is one of the better coin-op translations for this console, old or new.

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