Keyboard Creations!

Keyboard Creations!The Game: Well, it’s really not much of a game. It’s more like a home simulation of an early-1980s public access cable channel. You can type up crawls that scroll across the screen, as well as setting an on-screen clock. Events can See the videoalso be programmed to trigger special messages either at a pre-set time, or at regular intervals. (Magnavox, 1981)

Memories: Magnavox touted Keyboard Creations! as an essential tool for home videos, or anyone throwing parties, but it turned out more like a home version of that one cable channel that always occupied a slot somewhere in the lower 13, usually right below USA Network – you know, that one that had the time, the temperature, and the city trash pickup schedule.

Keyboard Creations!Far be it from me to poo-poo this title, though – I spent hours messing with the capabilities of Keyboard Creations! because, at that tender age, I was actually perversely fascinated by that one cable channel in the lower 13. (My preoccupation with putting things on a TV screen later led to an entire career; click here for the grisly details.) Even largely-3 quartersautomated local cable access channels have gotten a lot fancier than this, however.

Still, it was an interesting little chunk of “creative software” for those who, like myself, wanted to put something of their own on TV.

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