The Move – The BBC Sessions

The Move - The BBC SessionsWhen some of the tracks on the two volumes of ELO BBC recordings – Live At The BBC and The BBC Sessions – were exactly the same as the final versions that appeared on their albums, I had a few trepidations about picking up yet another BBC Sessions album. As it turns out, The Move: The BBC Sessions features some dandy rarities I’d never heard before, most of them taking the form of cover songs that haven’t appeared on previous collections.

Some not-quite-finished session takes of some classic Move chestnuts are included here, from “Flowers In The Rain” to “Night Of Fear” to “Blackberry Way”, and while they’re not as polished as the final album cuts, it’s interesting to hear a slightly different spin on them.

4 out of 4Some of the covers are real gem, and reveal The Move’s legendary live act – “Stop, Get A Hold Of Myself” and “Morning Dew” are among the highlights of the covers.

If you can find it, The Move: The BBC Sessions is worth tracking down for Move completists and even not-so-completists.

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  1. You’d Better Believe Me (3:00)
  2. Night Of Fear (2:23)
  3. Stop, Get A Hold Of Myself (2:35)
  4. Kilroy Was Here (2:40)
  5. Walk On The Water (3:04)
  6. I Can Hear The Grass Grow (3:18)
  7. Morning Dew (2:43)
  8. Flowers In The Rain (2:20)
  9. So You Wanna Be A Rock ‘N’ Roll Star (2:55)
  10. Stephanie Knows Who (2:32)
  11. Cherry Blossom Clinic (2:26)
  12. Hey Grandma (3:04)
  13. Fire Brigade (2:17)
  14. Weekend (1:52)
  15. It’ll Be Me (2:32)
  16. Useless Information (2:46)
  17. Kentucky Woman (2:28)
  18. Higher And Higher (3:10)
  19. Long Black Veil (2:53)
  20. Wild Tiger Woman (2:33)
  21. Piece Of My Heart (3:03)
  22. Blackberry Way (3:08)
  23. Going Back (2:50)
  24. California Girls (3:08)
  25. Christian Life (2:02)

Released by: BBC Music / Strange Fruit
Release date: 1998
Total running time: 67:42