The Move – Looking On

The Move - Looking OnThis is the first Move album to feature new member Jeff Lynne, who, with Roy Wood, mutated the Move into the first incarnation of ELO…and the rest, one could say, is history. If one can say that, then this album is history in the making, because it’s easy to hear Jeff Lynne’s style of songwriting emerging confidently, and as I’ve noted before with the first ELO album (which was the only one to feature Roy Wood), the combination of Lynne’s Beatle-ish songwriting practices and Wood’s fondness for eclectic instruments makes for a very unique sound. This is heard most clearly in “Open Up Said The World At The Door”, which is 3 out of 4clearly a Lynne tune with all of its harmonies, but twice in the course of the song breaks into a sitar solo and then an oboe solo – obvious Wood contributions. In a way, despite later Move albums that featured such classics as “Do Ya” which was covered afterward by ELO, this is the closest the Move ever got to the ELO sound, and it’s worth a listen or two.

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  1. Looking On (7:48)
  2. Turkish Tram Conductor Blues (4:38)
  3. What? (6:42)
  4. When Alice Comes Back to the Farm (3:40)
  5. Open Up Said the World at the Door (7:10)
  6. Brontosaurus (4:26)
  7. Feel Too Good (9:30)
  8. Blackberry Way (3:41)
  9. Something (3:11)
  10. Curly (2:44)
  11. This Time Tomorrow (3:40)
  12. Lightning Never Strikes Twice (3:12)

Released by: Cube / Repertoire
Release date: 1970
Total running time: 60:22