Doctor Who: The Five Doctors

Doctor Who: The Five Doctors soundtrackLike the simultaneously-released Earthshock collection, this album originally saw release in 1984 in the U.K. as an LP with the nondescript title Doctor Who – The Music 2, but in musical terms, this is a much better album. The music from eight 1983-1984 episodes from the sadly underrated Peter Davison era is arranged into several “suites” which lean much heavier on music than Earthshock‘s all-too-brief cues. And the music itself is composed in a much more straightforward fashion – still entirely electronic, but more conventionally orchestral in its overall execution. 4 out of 4This will appeal much more to casual fans who are perhaps not quite so ready to dive into the earlier, more experimental music on Earthshock.

  1. Doctor Who theme – 1980-1985 version (2:44)
  2. Enlightenment (7:54)
  3. The King’s Demons (5:21)
  4. Order this CD The Five Doctors (8:44)
  5. Warriors of the Deep (3:54)
  6. The Awakening (3:26)
  7. Resurrection of the Daleks (5:02)
  8. Planet of Fire (3:55)
  9. The Caves of Androzani (6:05)
  10. Doctor Who theme – reprise (0:54)

Released by: Silva Screen
Release date: 1991 (originally released in 1985)
Total running time: 47:59