Roy Orbison - In Dreams: The Greatest HitsIn a move that may seem like sacrelige to purists, this entire album consists of recent re-recordings of Orbison’s classic hits, mixed and mastered nicely and in some cases arranged and produced more elaborately than they ever had a chance to be when they were first recorded. The genesis of the project was director David Lynch’s desire to use Orbison’s “In Dreams” in his movie Blue Velvet, and Lynch – later of Twin Peaks fame – wanted a better recording than the original, thus the new recording. With that session’s pleasing results, the rest of the album was recorded and we wind up with this very nice album. Oh, yeah, these are not the origial songs as played on the radio way 3 out of 4back when, but it is nice to hear them given this kind of treatment. The best thing about Orbison’s music – aside from his truly unique vocals – is that his songs flatly refused to be constricted to the traditional verse-chorus banality of most pop music, and so they’re always full of surprises even to the trained ear. I highly recommend this album to you, whether or not you’ve heard the original hits in question.

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  1. Only The Lonely (2:25)
  2. Leah (2:43)
  3. In Dreams (2:51)
  4. Uptown (2:11)
  5. It’s Over (2:51)
  6. Crying (2:46)
  7. Dream Baby (2:46)
  8. Blue Angel (2:45)
  9. Working For The Man (2:43)
  10. Candy Man (2:57)
  11. Running Scared (2:10)
  12. Falling (2:22)
  13. I’m Hurtin’ (2:46)
  14. Claudette (2:34)
  15. Oh Pretty Woman (2:58)
  16. Mean Woman Blues (2:24)
  17. Ooby Dooby (2:22)
  18. Lana (2:48)
  19. Blue Bayou (2:51)

Released by: Virgin
Release date: 1987
Total running time: 50:13