Ren & Stimpy - Radio DazeAnd here we have an example of what made You Eediot! so great. You Eediot! was great because it wasn’t Radio Daze. This decidedly more childlike release – in keeping with its namesake TV series around that time – follows a moronic premise which is frequently stretched molecule-thin. Ren and Stimpy take on a radio career which, in the space of a half hour, skyrockets to Hollywood fame and then back into the dregs, along with this album. Radio Daze is emblematic of what happened to the entire Ren & Stimpy franchise after Nickelodeon evicted creator John Kricfalusi from his own property – they ceased to mine the rich vein of not-even-remotely-for-1 out of 4kids cartoon comedy that he had exposed, and instead went digging for the lowest available denominator. In Nickelodeon’s hands, Ren & Stimpy buried itself quickly. This has been the last Ren & Stimpy CD to date.

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  1. Opening (1:27)
  2. I Wanna Be A DJ (3:41)
  3. Caller #5 (4:02)
  4. King of the Airwaves (3:27)
  5. Is Anyone Out There (3:02)
  6. On The Road (3:49)
  7. Any Freeway You Take (3:20)
  8. Hard Time (3:49)
  9. Powdered Toast Man (3:29)
  10. In Hollywood (3:10)
  11. Take A Walk on the Muddy Side (3:32)
  12. Dead-End Job (1:29)
  13. Stuck With You (3:18)

Released by: Sony Wonder
Release date: 1995