Moody Blues – Every Good Boy Deserves Favour

Moody Blues - Every Good Boy Deserves FavourWhat can I say for this album aside from the fact that it has one of the all-time weirdest opening sound-montages any rock act has ever assembled? Even though the piece to which the odd, UFO-like noises are attached is rather interesting, it’s quite a jarring departure from Future Passed. Still, there are many good things about the album, including the familiar Story In Your Eyes and one of my all-time favorite Moodies tunes, “Emily’s Song”. Despite these, however, this album has always managed to hit me in precisely the wrong way; I can’t put a finger on it. The album certainly falls within the 2 out of 4parameters that the Moodies settled into after Future Passed, but somehow it doesn’t trip my trigger like most of their other material.

  1. Procession (4:44)
  2. The Story In Your Eyes (2:56)
  3. Our Guessing Game (3:35)
  4. Order this CD Emily’s Game (3:42)
  5. After You Came (4:33)
  6. One More Time To Live (5:42)
  7. Nice To Be Here (4:23)
  8. You Can Never Go Home (4:15)
  9. My Song (6:20)

Released by: Threshold
Release date: 1971
Total running time: 40:10