Men In Black: The Score – music by Danny Elfman

Men In Black soundtrackIf you were as disappointed by Men In Black: The Album as I was, then maybe, this CD should be renamed Men In Black: The Apology. As it is, you will probably have a hard time finding it at the store. Here is a helpful hunt: The Album CD has a picture of Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith on the cover and “VARIOUS ARTISTS” on the CD seal, while The Score has MIB prominently on the cover with J and K standing in the I. Even the store clerk at Tower Records was confused, and handed me the album instead of the score.

Anyways, after several months of waiting, and they even missed releasing this CD by the time the Men In Black video was released in late 1997, this CD contains what the MIB movie fan was probably wanting — the complete music score by the talented Danny Elfman. It is indeed worth the wait, as the complete music score from the movie is included. If 4 out of 4you turn up the volume, you will even hear some audio hints and cues that may have been overlooked in the movie. Well done, Danny Elfman.

The booklet is minimalist, giving the track listings, CD credits, and the “little dude in the big dude’s head.” 😉

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  1. M.I.B. Main Theme (2:58)
  2. D’s Memories/Chase (3:57)
  3. Edgar’s Truck/A New Man (2:58)
  4. Imports/Quiet Moment (2:22)
  5. J Contemplates (1:18)
  6. Headquarters (1:13)
  7. The Suit (1:28)
  8. Morgue Time (0:48)
  9. Petit Mort (1:42)
  10. K Reminisces (0:48)
  11. Orion’s Belt/Cat Stinger (2:18)
  12. Noisy Cricket/Impending Trouble (2:08)
  13. Sexy Morgue Babe/Icon (5:41)
  14. Take Off/Crash (7:20)
  15. Finale (3:02)
  16. M.I.B. Closing Theme (2:38)

Released by: Sony
Release date: 1997
Total running time: 42:43