Freiheit – Fantasy

Freiheit - FantasyI was first introduced to Freiheit by way of the soundtrack of the 1989 John Cusack vehicle Say Anything, which featured the incredibly ELO-esque orchestral version of their single “Keeping the Dream Alive”. That’s at the end of side two of the tape of that soundtrack, and I fell asleep early on side two only to be awakened sharply by that song. I couldn’t believe it! I managed to locate the album containing that song not long after – I had to give the Say Anything soundtrack back to its owner – and found out that while “Dream” was an oddity compared to the rest of the album, most of the rest of the album was outstanding. Freiheit has mastered vocal harmony in a way I haven’t heard since ELO’s original incarnation and Queen were at their respective peaks. Apart from the aforementioned song, the instrumental backing tends toward synth-driven pop/rock with the occasional guitar thrown in, but the melodies are as catchy as they get. Only one song on Fantasy fails to trip my trigger, the very disco-ish “So Good” (chalk it up to just not being my kind of song, I suppose). Two in particular, “On 4 out of 4The Run To Be Free” and especially “Forever And A Day”, beg comparisons to the Beatles and ELO and pass the test with flying colors. Definitely an entry on my DNP Album List, but sadly, this album is out of print, though it is still possible to get the original German version (the band isn’t really Freiheit, but actually Munchener Freiheit, a group of five German natives. Whatever happened to them since 1989? I’ve no idea!).

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  1. Keeping the Dream Alive (4:13)
  2. Kissed You In The Rain (3:46)
  3. Diana (4:15)
  4. The Land of Fantasy (4:54)
  5. Moonlight (3:08)
  6. Tears are a Girl’s Best Friend (4:54)
  7. So Good (4:06)
  8. Forever and a Day (3:18)
  9. Poor Little Boy (3:25)
  10. On The Run To Be Free (4:05)

Released by: WTG
Release date: 1989
Total running time: 40:27