Fleetwood Mac - Tango In The NightIn a way, it’s ironic that Lindsey Buckingham’s swan song to Fleetwood Mac sounds more like a bunch of solo tunes from the individual members of the band than it does a Fleetwood Mac album in many places, which brings up the question: did Fleetwood Mac assimilate Buckingham’s sound, or vice versa? The line really blurs on this album. It also has the peculiar distinction of featuring a Stevie Nicks song that I actually like, “Seven Wonders” (though I can barely stomach “Welcome To The Room…Sara” and “When I See You Again”…have I mentioned that I really don’t like Stevie Nicks’ songs?), as well as some of Christine McVie’s all-time best contributions, among them “Mystified”, “Everywhere”, “Little Lies” and “Isn’t It Midnight”. Buckingham naturally takes full advantage of his last shot at center stage with the Mac, and shows some of his 3 out of 4best work with “Caroline” (credit for which perhaps is more properly given to Mick Fleetwood’s drumming) and everyone’s favorite single, “Big Love”. Nowadays, the question is: did Fleetwood Mac ever recover from losing Lindsey Buckingham? I think they did. But did Lindsey Buckingham ever bounce back from leaving Fleetwood Mac…?

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  1. Big Love (3:37)
  2. Seven Wonders (3:38)
  3. Everywhere (3:41)
  4. Caroline (3:50)
  5. Tango In The Night (3:56)
  6. Mystified (3:06)
  7. Little Lies (3:38)
  8. Family Man (4:01)
  9. Welcome to the Room…Sara (3:37)
  10. Isn’t It Midnight (4:06)
  11. When I See You Again (3:47)
  12. You and I, part II (2:40)

Released by: Warner Bros.
Release date: 1987
Total running time: 43:37