Doctor Who: Trial Of A Time Lord

Doctor Who: Trial Of A Time Lord soundtrackYet another slightly shady release of music from Doctor Who, this CD excerpts the scores from two portions of the 14-episode 1986 epic, The Trial Of A Time Lord. The music heard on this CD originates with Trial’s first four and final two episodes, sometimes known to fans respectively as Mysterious Planet and The Ultimate Foe, both scored by Dominic Glynn. Glynn also arranged the Trial Of A Time Lord season’s version of the classic Doctor Who theme music, and that arrangement is heard in its televised form here for the first time. In terms of presenting previously unreleased material, I have to admit to being impressed with this bootleg release, though the CD is not without other problems.

Of the CDs I’ve heard in this range of unauthorized releases thus far, Trial has the most mastering problems. The source tape was obviously not in the best of shape. I have occasionally complained about some warble and speed variation in the other releases in this range, but with Trial it comes close to ruining the whole experience. Much of the music, from about 1/3 of the way through Mysterious Planet‘s score onward, has speed problems. Ironically, it couldn’t have happened to a better score. Most of the Mysterious Planet score is rather repetitious, the most impressive cue being the first piece of music heard in part one – the cue accompanying the dizzying flyover of the Time Lords’ trial vessel. I’m a little disappointed that the 2 out of 4Ultimate Foe music also turned out to be warbled, as it’s rather more interesting than Mysterious Planet.

Overall, the music is an interesting addition to my collection, but only for its rarity and unreleased status. As with most of the other Doctor Who soundtrack bootlegs floating around, I’d take a proper BBC-remastered official release any day of the week.

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  1. The TARDIS Summoned (1:12)
  2. Main Title (0:47)
  3. There’s A Mystery Here (3:09)
  4. Water Thief (0:11)
  5. Requesting The Death Sentence (0:37)
  6. Escape From Drathro’s Lair (0:24)
  7. Glitz, Dibber and Peri Escape (0:10)
  8. Multiple Chases (0:47)
  9. Objection (0:26)
  10. This Might Be The End (1:13)
  11. The Doctor vs. The Valeyard (2:24)
  12. The L-7 Attacks (1:58)
  13. Katryca The Great (0:30)
  14. Peri Grieves (2:15)
  15. Storming The Castle (0:46)
  16. Hunting The Doctor (2:00)
  17. Merdeen’s Moral Dilemma (0:59)
  18. Drathro’s Final Gambit (1:13)
  19. Chain Reaction (1:19)
  20. The Valeyard’s Identity Revealed (1:23)
  21. Into The Matrix (1:38)
  22. Hands From The Water (0:48)
  23. An Uneasy Silence (0:14)
  24. Life Preserver (1:20)
  25. Irresistible Bait (1:38)
  26. Disconnect The Matrix! (0:49)
  27. The Fantasy Factory (0:32)
  28. A Second-Rate Adversary (0:09)
  29. The Doctor’s Sentence (1:11)
  30. The Master Appears (0:46)
  31. False Charges (1:08)
  32. Star Witnesses (0:25)
  33. Backpedal (1:22)
  34. An Odd Waiting Room (0:39)
  35. Mr. Popplewick Unmasked (0:24)
  36. Disseminate The News (0:24)
  37. The Threat (0:21)
  38. Last Will (0:28)
  39. Hands From The Ground (0:29)
  40. Assassination Attempt (0:56)
  41. Carrot Juice / Valeyard’s Escape (0:49)
  42. End Credits (1:20)

Released by: ?
Release date: 2000?
Total running time: 41:35